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Until the End of Time

by Nicky James

Until the End of Time - Nicky James
Pages: 221

Being a gay man in 1827, was not only frowned upon in England, but punishable by death. Magistrate Simon Stockley would know. He’d convicted men in his courtroom and sentenced them himself. Every time, it left a vile taste in his mouth because Simon was no different than the men whose lives he claimed.
Overcompensating for his secret, fearing discovery, Simon walked the straight and narrow with everything he did. Being overly cautious with life was second nature to him. The consequences of being discovered were among his worst fears. Sadly, this was his life and he accepted it.
Until one cold day in October when James Hansen was led into his courtroom.
Blinded by the fire in James’ eyes and the energy seething from his core, Simon’s entire life was thrown upside down. One cursory glance at the criminal and nothing would ever be the same again.
James’ crimes were severe and his punishment was death. However, there was something about him that Simon couldn’t put his finger on. Despite all sensibility, Simon couldn’t let him go.
Maybe some things were worth the risk.
Maybe rules were meant to be broken.
Secrets were wonderful… until someone found out the truth.

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About the Author

Nicky James live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and is mother to a wonderful teenage boy and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn't think she is crazy.

Nicky has always had two profound dreams in life; to fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since one of those dreams is impossible, she decided to make the other come alive on paper.

Nicky writes mm romance novels that take place in fantastical, medieval type settings and loves to use the challenges of the times to give her stories and characters life.
Nicky has also ventured into writing other sub genres of mm romance including contemporary, historical and Mythological.