by McKay, T.a.

Unsuspected - T.A. McKay
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I didn’t mean for it to happen. I wanted to make sure my friend was alive and it was the only way to do it.
They were meant to be the way for me to find him.
They were meant to be nothing more than targets to use.
I wasn’t meant to fall for them.
I don’t understand how it happened, all I know is that it did. Falling for Corey was easy, the feelings I had for him were real. The only problem I had was he had a boyfriend, Niko, and I was falling for him too.
I need to leave before things go too far but they won’t let me. Instead they show me what we could be together, the three of us, and like a fool I believe it all.
I knew it couldn’t last.
I knew something would go wrong.
When they discover who I really am they are going to hate me. Losing them is going to be harder than anything I've ever experienced, but I can’t come clean now. I’ve made them fall for me without knowing the whole story.
My name is Grant, and I've been living my life with Corey and Niko completely…

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About the Author

T.a. McKay is the author of romance stories with a darker edge. She started writing in 2014 when the voices in her head wouldn't be silenced any longer. Though her journey started writing MF stories, her love of LGBT romance took over and she wrote her first gay romance story in 2015. Since then she has drifted to the darker side of romance, bringing darkness and danger into her stories.

A self-proclaimed coffee addict, she lives in Scotland with her husband and three kids, and enjoys reading and talking to readers about books.

To find out more about T.a. McKay go to www.authortamckay.com

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