Under His Control

by Adara Wolf

Agreeing to transport goods for a notorious crime syndicate isn't the best choice Tracht had ever made, but reneging on that deal could have dire consequences for him. When it all goes sour, it's up to Alex to pull Tracht out of the fire.

Under Control is the third book in the Under His Heel series and is not a standalone. It features dark kinks and an unhealthy central relationship.

Word count: ~57,000

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Tracht found Alex in the lounge, talking with Giehl and Bauer. In the past year, Alex had managed to, if not become popular, at least get a tiny modicum of respect from the crew. It amused Tracht greatly that all the new members, like Bauer, received warnings about how to treat Alex. Carpenter and Rodriguez’s dismissal had become a story the crew shared around, details embellished depending on whether the sailor had liked either of them or had been personally present.

While Tracht was, in a sense, pleased that Alex had moved beyond wanting to fuck or fight everybody he came into contact with, Alex did need to learn exactly what his priorities should be.

Alex didn’t notice him approaching, engrossed as he was in his card game with the other two. Meanwhile, Giehl’s eyes widened and he jabbed Bauer’s side.


“Hello, Alex,” Tracht said, keeping his voice pitched flat.

Alex dropped all of his cards and whirled around. “Tracht! Uh, hi. Sh—shoot. Are you done with everything on the bridge?”

“I was done half an hour ago. Imagine my dismay when I discovered you weren’t ready and waiting for me when I got to my quarters.”

The flush on Alex’s face was lovely, as was the way he shot looks over at Giehl and Bauer. Not imploring their help, but possibly worried about their opinions? Alex would simply have to learn that nobody’s opinion mattered except for Tracht’s.

“Sorry. I was bored and I figured you’d be busy for a while, and, uh—” Alex quickly stood up. “Let’s go.”

Yes, Alex definitely didn’t want any of this to happen in front of his new friends. Just as well that Tracht had come prepared.

“No. We could have had a lovely time of it if you’d been where you were supposed to be. I think you’ve forgotten exactly where your place is, Alex.” Tracht pointed to the floor. “Kneel.”

Alex swallowed, but to his credit he didn’t look back. He slowly lowered himself down, and oh, that had to cost him. Tracht could see the tension in Alex’s body, the way the vein in his neck bulged and the heavy bob of his Adam’s apple. Tracht took a step closer and placed his foot on Alex’s shoulder.

“All the way down, Alex.”

Alex sank down even further, until his head was against the cold floor. Tracht put his foot back on the floor, right next to Alex’s head. “Now kiss my boots.”

The slight hesitation before Alex did as ordered was the icing on the cake. Tracht had to work to keep his breathing steady, even as arousal washed through him. One member of their audience gasped sharply, reminding Tracht of their presence and adding to the lovely thrill.

When Alex tilted his head up, Tracht could see the misery in his eyes. No tears; this was far too mild, and Alex had more incentive not to cry in front of an audience. No matter.

“Sit up, Alex. Stretch out your neck for me.”

“Why?” Alex asked, and now he did look back at Giehl and Bauer. “Let’s just go back to our—to your quarters.” He did sit up again, although he kept his shoulders hunched.

“Are you really questioning me now?” Tracht asked. He reached into his pocket and gripped the tool he’d brought along. “I’m in no rush to head back. I’m sure Mr. Giehl and Ms. Bauer would love a show. Wouldn’t you?”

Giehl nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, sir. Anytime.”

Not a surprise at all; Giehl usually found his way to any of the public scenes if he wasn’t currently working. It would be interesting to see where Bauer stood on this. She’d been warned in advance that Tracht would use his bondservant in the public areas of the ship, and she’d said it wouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes people overestimated their own tolerances.

Although judging by the flush on her face, she’d probably fit right in.

“Now, Alex. Don’t make me repeat myself. Head up.”

With one resentful glare, Alex straightened his torso and lifted his head up, exposing his neck. Tracht pulled out the thick collar from his pocket and dangled it in front of Alex’s eyes. “I think you know what this is.”

He saw the confusion in Alex’s eyes. They’d played with it in the past, mostly to tie Alex to something. On one occasion, Tracht had left the chain so short that Alex couldn’t even relax his head without choking himself.

Tracht slowly wrapped the collar around Alex’s neck and tightened it. Its dark leather contrasted nicely with the metal of the bondcollar.

He took a moment to stroke Alex’s scalp, then reached into his other pocket to pull out the next piece. He held his hand up and let it unfold in front of Alex: a leash.

“You wandered away when you shouldn’t have. I don’t think I can trust you on your own anymore.”

“No!” Alex shouted. “I mean, uh, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! There’s no need for—”

“Alex, you’ve proven already that you prioritize your own entertainment over me. Now, clip iton the collar.”

Alex swallowed hard. It took him several aborted tries before he grabbed the end of the leash and brought it up to his neck. He gave Tracht a pitiful look; Tracht returned it with a flat expression of his own.

Finally, Alex attached the leash to the collar. He bit his lip and looked away, and it took all of Tracht’s willpower not to force Alex to suck him off right then and there. Unfortunately, there was only so much he could really do in front of his crew without risking some form of litigation.

“Come along then,” Tracht said, tugging on the collar. Alex started to get up, and Tracht stopped him with a boot placed against his knee. “You misunderstood. Crawl along.”


“Yes. You’ve been getting full of yourself, Alex. It’s time for you to remember your place on this ship.”


About the Author

I write almost exclusive m/m, but I have a fondness for bisexual protagonists. I enjoy a lot of dark themes and more extreme kinks, so you’ll see a lot of that around here.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, painting, playing video games, and rescuing cats. I also enjoy learning about languages and other cultures.

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