Twisting Fates Book Two

The Journey

by SMA

Twisting Fates - SMA - The Journey
Part of the Twisting Fates series:

[Tell me the secret I've kept from myself.]

It knows your desire.
It knows your fear.
It knows you're lying.

After decades of war, a battered Earth begged the Routine—our most powerful artificial intelligence—to take control of the solar system and unite humanity.

Now, forbidden lovers Owen and Gael are dispatched to confront the Routine's greatest threat:



It's not every day you fall in love and get sent to assassinate an AI god.

After being trapped in the Screening Complex, training school for the Routine's chosen leaders, Owen is thrilled to escape and embark on a long journey to the missing colony on Mars. But his dreams of spending weeks in close quarters with his heart's only desire are soon dashed against reality:

The Routine is dangerous, and the man he's sleeping next to every night might be its most vicious secret weapon.

Cut off from the world, Owen must confront the strength in his own heart—and be prepared to lose everything. What awaits them on Mars, and can he really trust his new allies? Each discovery leads to more questions, but there’s one truth Owen will never forget.

The Routine is lying to us all.

Join the journey as Owen pursues the mysteries of the Routine—and learns the endless bounds of love and his own desire.

A sensual scifi mystery romance adventure that spans the solar system!

This is a direct sequel to Twisting Fates Book One: The Screening Routine, out now!

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Publisher: SMA Publishing
author - american, format - book, format - kindle, format - novel, format - novel >100K, format - paperback, format - self published, format - series, format – kindle unlimited, potential trigger - violence, what - concept - acceptance, what - concept - amnesia, what - concept - committment, what - concept - danger, what - concept - denial, what - concept - family conflict, what - concept - isolated, what - condition - injury, what - emotion - angst, what - emotion - anxiety, what - emotion - grief, what - emotion - guilt, what - emotion - hope, what - emotion - love, what - emotion - pride, what - sex - experimentation, what - sex - first time / exploration, what - sex - masturbation, what - sex - sexual fantasy, what - topic - corruption, what - topic - disaster, what - topic - flying, what - topic - friendship, what - topic - gay pride, what - topic - multicultural, what - topic - politics, what - topic - science experiment, what - topic - secret, what - topic - secret organization, what - topic - technology, where - general - alternate universe, where - general - college, where - general - military, who - description - dormmates, who - description - roommates, who - occupation - assassin, who - occupation - bodyguard, who - occupation - college student, who - occupation - diplomat, who - occupation - guard, who - occupation - hacker, who - occupation - military, who - occupation - spec ops, who - occupation - spy, who - occupation - undercover agent, who - type - cyborg, who - type - robot / cyborg

Pairings: MM
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay, Questioning
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Setting: Earth Solar System
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

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