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Trysting Guilt

Naked Gay Lust - MM Book #304

by Ty Debauchee


Garrett's tragedy in Ty's life grows with every phone call, email, and text. This is overwhelming. Ty is melting down as he struggles to manage the unbearable pain.

Fortunately, Tanner is an honorable friend with incredible ethics. He is committed to honoring his promise to Garrett. But will Tanner's strong shoulder be enough to get Ty through this incredible nightmare? And how much will his personal attraction to Ty complicate his ability to be the friend Ty needs?

On the other hand, Garrett also asked Tanner to love Ty. What exactly did he have in mind? Is Tanner living up to his commitment, or is he way over the line with lust?

*This book contains explicit scenes of a gay sexual nature by consenting characters who are over 19 years of age. It is intended only for readers who are 18+ years of age. If you are underage or may be offended by this topic, do not purchase this book.

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After arriving in front of my dorm, I reached out and grabbed Tanner’s belt loop, tugged it toward me a bit, and asked, “So, can you come up and let me copy your notes?”

Damn! You are absolutely fucking HOT! Why am I just now noticing this?

Am I subconsciously coming on to you now?

In my room, I started copying Tanner’s notes as he waited. Occasionally, I would ask him for clarification about something I didn’t understand. He would lean over my shoulder to see what part I was working on. As he did, his ripped abs would brush against the side of my arm, sending an erotic shiver through me.

Fuck! This is making me hard.

Garrett is the man I love, so why does being close to Tanner make me feel so amazing?


Finally, I stood up and turned to him. Cupping his face in my hands as if preparing to kiss him, I said, “Anyway, thank you for seeing through my defensive barrier and pushing your way through to be my friend. It means way more to me than you know.” Then I hugged him.

“So what does this mean?” he asked.

“Wait… I hear my roomy giving someone shit in the hallway. He is an RA and thinks he’s always on the job. Sorry, but we will have to continue this conversation later.”

Tanner looked puzzled.

“My roommate may jump to conclusions. Do you mind putting on one of my shirts?”

Tanner took the shirt, smiled, and slipped it on. As he finished buttoning it, he lifted the collar and smelled my scent. From the quake that rippled through him, I wondered if he was about to have an orgasm.

“You ok there, buddy?”

“Oh yeah! I could be better, but this is definitely a step in the right direction.” Then Tanner licked his lips provocatively enough to make me shiver.

“It’s a loan, but you can keep it until I let you know I need it back.” I winked at him to seal the deal.

“Wanna study in my room later?” Tanner asked.

“Sure. How about I come by around 7:00?”

“Make it 8:30. I have a gig, so I won’t be home until then.”

“What kind of…”

Suddenly, the door swung open and Ray came in.


About the Author

I have long been a reader of the gay erotic romance genre.  During that time, I only rarely found books with just the right mix of plot, sex, and love.  Consequently, I started tinkering with writing my own novellas in this genre.  With the encouragement of friends and readers like you, I endeavor to share my books.

Using tiny snippets from the fantasies of my life, I began building full stories of the life I wish I had experienced along the way.  When I write my progressive series, I am drawn to the challenges of growing up gay in a small midwestern town where being different was not commonly applauded.  The trials and tribulations of seeking out a sustainable loving relationship seem to perpetually foster the rewarding challenge of creating my characters and their escapades.