Trusting Cade

by Luna David

Trusting Cade - Luna David - Custos Securities
Part of the Custos Securities series:
  • Trusting Cade
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99 USD
Pages: 380

At 38, Zavier “Cade” McCade has it all: a military career he can be proud of, a successful business, and a close knit group of family and friends. A former Army Special Forces Captain, Cade leaves the military to create Custos Securities, a burgeoning protection agency that provides unparalleled security for both civilians and corporations across the U.S.

After a string of disastrous relationships—and a narrow escape from an abusive partner—Braden Cross is finally putting his past to rest. Combining both his passion for baking and his knack for business, Braden owns the Sugar n’ Spice Café with his best friend who concocts exotic coffees and teas that pair perfectly with his decadent confections.

When a stalker sets his sights on Braden, the young pastry chef’s world is turned upside down. More frightened than he cares to admit, and not knowing where to turn, Braden is relieved when Cade steps in to offer his protection. Caught up in a maelstrom of threats, break-ins, and vandalism, the two draw closer together. Braden eventually realizes that he can trust Cade with his life, but he finds himself wondering… can he trust him with his heart?

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Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 26-35
Tropes: Age Difference, Badass Hero, Big Character / Little Character, Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Hurt / Comfort, May/December, Opposites Attract
Word Count: 112000
Setting: San Francisco, Californian, USA
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters
Reviews:Meredith King on Diverse Reader wrote:

Debut novels are a tricky thing. You never really know what you’re going to get. Trusting Cade is Luna David’s debut novel and I have to say it was quite wonderful. There was alpha men and baker’s men. There was protective best friends and crazy stalkers. Love and suspense written very beautifully. I cursed a few times and have to admit I was mad at Braden a bit but it’s okay I got over it.
I’m very eager for book 2 to see where their relationship goes from here especially with how it ended. There’s so much repairing that needs done. Not in their relationship but within themselves.
There’s a wonderful cluster of characters in this story and it really makes for a wonderful mix. I really loved all of them… except the bad guy, poo on him!
Luna David is going to be an amazing treat for readers everywhere. Of that I am certain. I can’t wait for more from her!

Rebecca Mattocks on Bike Book Reviews wrote:

Every once in a while I start a book that I instantly know is going to be a favorite and a reread for sure, well this is one of those books! You will love it as much as I do I know!

Cade is successful and has a past military career to be proud of, but what he doesn't have is someone to call his own, and suddenly the thought of someone to love is looking more appealing, and when he lays eyes on Braden, he is sure he has met the one for him!

Braden has worked hard to build his business with his bestie Maya, and leave the pain of his past relationships behind him, but when he starts getting weird cards and letters from "the handsome stranger" he needs help whether he likes it or not!

When Cade meets Braden, sparks fly and both men know their lives will never be the same! Can Caden keep Braden safe? You can bet that he will make it his mission in life to try!

I love the start to this series, and all the hot hunky men of Custos Securities we have met so far! I can't wait to read their stories, but most of all I can't wait for part two of Cade and Braden's story, trust me you will be biting your nails for it too! Thanks Luna, for the perfect start to a series!

Tammy on Love Bytes LGBTQ Book Reviews wrote:

Trusting Cade is the debut book for Luna David and I must say I’ve never read a debut book this good!

Zavier “Cade” McCade has had a successful military career and now he has a successful protection agency Custos Securities, which he co-owns with his best friend Cooper. The only thing missing in his life is a partner, someone he can care for, love and protect.

Braden Cross is a pastry chef with a passion for baking and a very successful business Sugar n’ Spice Café, which he co-owns with his best friend Maya who is Cooper’s sister. He has come to a place in his life where he finds himself incapable of trusting his instincts, he only just survived his ex-boyfriends abuse now he prefers to be alone. Braden also has a stalker, he is in complete denial about him and refuses to call the police or even tell Maya.

Whilst in San Francisco on a security job both Cooper and Cade call in to see Maya and that is when they learn about Braden’s stalker. The moment Cade sets eyes on Braden he goes into protective mode, he’s completely stunned by his reaction to the beautiful man. Braden has only a visceral awareness of the incredibly handsome, very tall, massively built man he secretly names gigantor! He’s far too upset with the fact that Maya has found out about his stalker, has told her brother, gigantor and they’ve called the police!

While Cade is protecting Braden from his stalker he finds himself falling in love with him. It turns out Braden is everything he’s never known he needed or wanted in a partner. It takes a while but Braden does come to trust Cade with not only his life but his heart as well. Luckily for Braden, Cade has always been open and honest with him right from the beginning and he must admit it goes a long way to helping him decide that Cade is the right man to entrust with his heart.

I’m not going to write anymore as I don’t want to write any spoilers! What I will do is encourage you all to go and get your copy of Trusting Cade. I promise you will not be disappointed. For a first time author Luna David has everything down pat and I can’t wait for the next instalment of the Custos Series! One of my favourite things about Luna’s writing style is that you get multiple points of view!

Dawn on Gay Media Reviews wrote:

This is the first book by this author, and I have to say I honestly look forward to reading more of her books. This book was brilliant and I actually got annoyed that I had to stop reading to sleep (yeah I know, what is sleep when you have a good read ! ).

We meet Cade, who is ex-forces that has started a security business with his best friend Cooper, called Custos Securities. All their employees are ex-services and they provide top grade service.

Then we meet Braden, who is the business partner of Coopers sister Maya, who between them run a coffee shop (Maya makes the coffee and is seen by the customers, but Braden prefers to make the cakes and treats and stay behind the scenes).

Braden has a stalker, which he has kept secret from everyone, until Maya makes a discovery of the letters the stalker has sent. As she makes the discovery, Cade and Cooper are visiting Maya, and decide to do a little investigating themselves to see if they can track down the stalker.

The regimented life that Braden lives (due in the most part to being an insulin dependant diabetic), starts to unravel slightly, and Cade finds himself strangely drawn to Braden, but he is not sure what it is about Braden that does this!

Cade and Braden grow closer, and I loved how they were getting to know each other, and Cade taking an interest in what Braden does to keep in control of his diabetes...... that is until Braden makes a very bad decision indeed..... and one that has Cade, Cooper and his team frantically trying to locate him.

I should also say here that there is not a HEA in this book, you have to wait for the second book in the series to find out what happens to them all.

About the Author

Luna David is a wife, a mother of twins, and an author. When she’s not begging her little ones to stop--throwing things, hitting each other, pulling the cat’s tail, having meltdowns, screaming, eating stuff off the floor, yelling at each other, playing with their food, running into the street, and destroying the house--you’ll most likely find her writing.


She loves anything book, coffee or dark chocolate related and can’t think of a better way to pass the time than to combine all three.  She can’t remember a time when she wasn’t addicted to reading or creating her own stories, if only in her head. It wasn’t until recently that she began to believe she could actually put those stories to “paper”.


She is blessed enough to have wonderfully supportive family and friends and she counts herself lucky every day that she gets to not only be a stay at home mom to her kids, but to also pursue her dream of becoming a published author.