Tony’s Dream

A Gay Tale of Desire, Deceit & Death in Montreal

by Patrick Doyle

Tony's Dream - Patrick Doyle
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 4.99
Pages: 158

Tony is an art curator. He's bright, ambitious, and unlucky in love. Wanting to start a new life, he applies for jobs around the world and is hired by a prestigious museum to work on a major exhibition on a legendary artist. He's thrilled until he shows up for work. The place is a landmine of conflicts, personal agendas, and dark insinuations.

But there is a ray of light in Tony's new life. He meets a struggling young artist and they fall in love. Jeff is beautiful, talented, shy — and terrified. When Tony finds out why, he's terrified too. Then staff members begin to die and disappear and, because of his troubled past and suspicious behavior, Jeff is the prime suspect.

Suspecting a setup and determined to protect his lover, Tony starts an investigation of his own. As he stumbles upon one nasty secret after another, he counts on love to pull him through. But not everyone wants him to succeed and, as he searches for the truth behind the deaths and disappearances, he has to learn what's real and what's not. Or Jeff could be lost to him forever.

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When he awoke the next morning Tony didn’t open his eyes. He'd been dreaming and didn't want to let it go. He was strolling through a meadow. Was he back home? Maybe, but this meadow shone like burnished gold and stretched all the way to the horizon. There were no trees, or buildings, or anything else to obstruct his view of the grass and the wildflowers bending with the breeze. There was just him effortlessly walking, or maybe floating. Then from far away someone called to him, urging him to hurry.
Suddenly the dream collapsed and, reaching down between his legs, he discovered why. He'd woken with a hardon before, but never like this. Pushed out by the memories of sex with Jeff, the dream dissolved and drifted away. Closing his eyes tight, he relived their passion. He’d expected tentative gestures, some fondling, some kissing. But it hadn’t been like that at all.
Jeff had touched him everywhere and kissed him everywhere.


And, when their eyes met, they kept their gaze locked. Tony had never imagined a face could be so erotic and, when he finally came, he stared at that face until the last shudder left him utterly empty and wanting more.
Now, he wanted to see that face again and he reached out for him, but Jeff wasn't there. Quickly opening his eyes, he was relieved to see he hadn't gone far. He was sitting at the kitchen table. He was texting and he was naked. Tony took in the broad shoulders and smooth chest and followed the subtle trail of hair that started just below his belly button only to become an intense black bush between his legs. His cock peaked out invitingly.
"Jeff, come back to bed,” he entreated him.
Jeff jumped. "You're awake!"
"Come on!" he cried again, nudging over to make room. Immediately putting his phone down, Jeff got up from the table and, in one athletic move, slid in beside him. Tony turned to him and, bringing his hand out from under the blanket, stroked his face. “Who were you texting so early?”
"It was nobody,” Jeff murmured.
“You’re texting nobody at seven in the morning? What's so important?"
"You are,” he said as buried his face in Tony's neck.
Reaching around Jeff’s broad back, Tony pulled him close. That's when he noticed something was wrong. "Jeff, you're shaking!” he cried. “You shouldn't have sat there for so long. You must be freezing! Come on, I'll warm you up."
With more difficulty than he'd expected, his muscles still sore from the skating, Tony wrapped them both in the blanket and felt the temperature rise. But Jeff seemed distracted.
"What's the matter?” Tony asked, “Is there something…?” But he couldn't finish the sentence because Jeff's tongue was deep in his mouth. After a long wet kiss, Jeff pulled away just enough so that their eyes met.
"Nothing's the matter," he said. "As long as I'm with you.”


TONY'S DREAM: A GAY TALE OF DESIRE, DECEIT & DEATH IN MONTREAL is not a sequel to JORDI'S DAY: A GAY TALE OF INTRIGUE, MYSTERY & LOVE IN BARCELONA. The story is new, the characters are new - but each book tells the tale of a young man alone in a foreign country confronted with crime, death and maybe even love.

About the Author

I started as a gay reader, became a gay bookseller and am now a gay writer. Sounds like a logical proression but it was a surprise to me. In the past couple of years I've published three books, all mystery/romance/adventure. But there's more. Each book deals with cultural differences, linguistic differences, and the experience of being an alien in another land - alone, cut off, adrift and open to whatever comes your way. Everyone who's traveled knows that feeling of excitement - and fear - that anything could happen while wandering a foreign land. My books are about that feeling. Add to the mix the prospects of murder and seduction and you get stories of men on the edge. Of discovery, of fulfillment, of death, and of love.

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