The Sequel to X

by Kass Barrow

Tom - Kass Barrow - The Sequel to X

**TOM contains spoilers for X so it is recommended that you read X first, although both books can be read as standalone titles.**

It’s hard trying to pick up the pieces of my life after the trauma I’ve been through. My cheating bastard of an ex wants me back in his bed and he’s using every dirty trick in the book to try to get me there. I’m unsure of myself—hurt, confused, susceptible—and it seems I walk into trouble at every turn.

I’m still haunted by the memories of my beautiful man of mystery, X, who saved my life. Once he was a blessing but now he’s a curse. If you’ve already met the man of your dreams, how can anyone else live up to that?

Will I ever find the kind of happiness I once shared with X? And if not, how can I summon the courage to face a lifetime of empty tomorrows in a world without love?


I can’t see Peter. He must be buried in one of the huddles somewhere, but it doesn’t take me long to spot Robert. My heart lurches. Robert looks sickeningly hot, as always, and I feel distinctly ordinary in comparison. He’s doing what he does best. Mingling. I watch his profile, seeing the familiar facial expressions that make him appear so affable, as if butter wouldn’t melt.


I watch his lips move as he chats away and then they pause and curl up into a beguiling smile as he nods at whatever the other person is telling him. My eyes stray to his chiselled jaw, the pronounced Adam’s apple, the perfectly straight line of his back—all so achingly familiar that my dick wakes from its slumber just at the sight of him across a crowded room. I surreptitiously reach down and punch my traitorous dick in the face, knocking it back to sleep with a single blow. I adjust myself, trying to minimise the tingle of discomfort I’m left with, but I still can’t take my eyes off Robert. I ogle the contours of his body. There’s not an ounce of fat on him. He’s all firm pecs and tight arse and anyone can tell by his confident stance that he’s incredibly full of himself. And why wouldn’t he be? He’s got everything going for him—the money, the looks, the power—it’s a wonder he doesn’t charge us mere mortals for being in his presence. I don’t know how he manages to look as sexy in casuals as he does in one of his elegantly tailored business suits. Because Lord knows I never tired of watching him walk through the door in one of those sharp suits. Let’s just say he didn’t stay zipped up for very long. But look at him now, flirting his tight arse in those custom-fit leather trousers.

God, I hate the cheating bastard!

Maybe I should leave now before he spots me.

Almost as if he can hear my thoughts, Robert disengages from the conversation he’s holding and jerks his head sideways to look directly at me. Those piercing blue eyes are like a pair of laser beams, transfixing me to the spot. His face drops momentarily and his skin turns ashen, as if he’s staring at a ghost. A tendril of his slicked-back hair drops forward over his face and he brushes it back.

“Excuse me,” I hear him say to the couple he’s been chatting to.

Oh fuck! He’s coming over.

Reviews:BananaCreamPie on Amazon wrote:

5 stars***** An intriguing story and great writing! Make sure you read X first before getting into this one. But just great!

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British author of m/m romance with a contemporary, speculative or science fiction theme.

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