TIME: Wounds All Heal

by Tarian P.S.

Time Wounds All Heal - Tarian PS - The Teddy Bear Collection
Part of the The Teddy Bear Collection series:
  • TIME: Wounds All Heal
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Pages: 280

The Skeptic: “If all this had truly been staged, people would’ve figured it out and demanded the government come out about it.”
The Journalist: “It’s easy to fool a person— It’s quite another to convince them they’ve been fooled.”

Even with the blanket of tattoos that covered both his arms and most of his upper chest, or the face hidden under the hair that constantly fell over his eyes, Channing Maroussas was likely the most beautiful man Chris Sayer had ever met. He was thankful they were close friends as it excused him for any lingering glances. Channing was a bird of brightly lit feathers perched in a world of darkness. But his gift wasn’t just about being beautiful; it was what he could see. He could be in a room full of people, a field emptied of life, reading a newspaper, or overhearing a conversation on the bus— and what was unseen and unheard by others spoke volumes to him. Channing saw what the rest of the world never slowed down long enough to notice, though once pointed out, furies and passions flourished. It was voices like Channing’s that broke the silence of ignorance. His voice just happened to be recorded between the pages of TIME magazine.

Chris Sayer has known Channing for years. But not even that can broker some rules of silence. Chris’s government job is so secretive he can’t even tell his best friend who he works for, which doesn’t help his disagreement over Channing’s journalistic views on global current events. He likes it even less when he finds out Channing left for Syria to cover a story. After Channing accusing the leading presidential elective Nolan Prumpt of inciting hate mongering and fascism, a trip through the greatest hot zone on the planet was like wanting to wash a pill down with poison. But when news got out that Channing had gone missing, Chris knew better than to believe the accusations that his best friend may have changed sides and was now considered an enemy of the state. The one thing Chris did know was he needed to do everything in his power to find Channing before anyone else did. If for no other reason but to let him know how he feels about him.
Time— it’s not long enough — yet with enough of it, wounds all heal.


Mature-men / Gay Romance / Suspense / Political Intrigue / Adult Content

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TIME: Wounds All Heal

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Reviews:Patricia Nelson on Independent Reader/Reviewer wrote:

This powerful story could have easily been pulled from today's headlines and given a "what if" twist. Princess gives us a hard look at what's behind the smoke and mirrors that both politicians and the media want the public to see, not the manipulations, secret deals, and power hungry people who will do ANYTHING to climb the political ladder.
Channing is an investigative reporter who sees what other people don't, and refuses to stop looking for the truth, no matter who wants to keep it buried. His best friend Chris works for a secret section of a secret branch of a secret department of the CIA. (shades of left finger not knowing what left thumb is doing.)
I was pulled into this gripping tale from page one, and the twists and turns kept me turning pages so I could see what happened next. I must admit that my emotions were all over the place-laughing at the not-so-subtle dig at a character's name, anger and tears when I saw the manipulations, threats, spin-doctoring, and outright lies that both politicians and the media do on a daily basis. This is all a backdrop to the beautiful love story of two men who will do anything for each other, no matter what. I DEFINITELY recommend this compelling book to everyone.

Damir LJ on Independent Reader/Reviewer wrote:

TIME: Wounds All Heal (The Teddy Bear Collection) by Tarian P.S.

Since the start of Indy publishing the Traditionally published, particularly from the historical dramas, authors have not been shy of claiming the hierarchy of literature genius and spared no effort to look down their noses at Indies and Romance writers.
So it must be a sad, sad existence when I sit here realizing the last 12 books I picked up to read from my favorite genres of sword fighting, knights, and cut-throat assassins that I couldn’t find enough talent to even finish one. Yet I pop open a gay romance written by an Indie author and find more character depth, more plots and twists, more emotions, more fathomable dramas, more frightening scenarios of ‘what if’s’, more mayhem to try to escape, more villains who are actually evil, and more research in this one book then what I could not find in the last 12 books if I had even combined them. All with one hell of a satisfying wrap up.
This isn’t a soap opera, it’s not a bodice ripper, it’s not a slushy boy meets boy with more estrogen then a Madonna show.
This book was just… F**king wow! I bet you have been watching the news lately. Watching the presidential candidates and feeling the doomsday clock ticking in your chest. You probably go through more waves of anger and hate and fear in a day than you care to all from watching what is going on out there. But what if what you are seeing isn’t even scratching the surface of what is really going on? TIME: Wounds All Heals drags you under the table and show you things you don’t want to know, but the connection is so plausible and so believable you can’t unsee them after. This tale follows Channing Maroussas, an investigative reporter with a talent for seeing beyond the smoke screens, as he tries to unearth the evil controllers who are using people’s fears and the media to control how we react to things in order to pursue their agenda; while Channing’s closest friend Chris Sayer does what he can, from within his classified government job position, to make sure Channing doesn’t get killed in the process. A precarious position because if the authorities he answers to knew he was biased they would pull him from his position leaving Channing out there in a hostile world, pitted against one another, while someone unseen is holding the match. What’s astounding is that in all of this dramatic upheaval, there is a hidden romance scratching its way to the surface with wit and humor that catches you off guard and even gives you a moment to chill and stop growling at the world. Bits of cuteness to un-fester all the other emotions. Small candles to break up the darkness.
My hats off to Tarian P.S. for another amazing edge of your seat story that will push the envelope of Romances against the snobs.
This one should get a Grammy or something big like that.

Favorite line #1:
“Haven’t you ever learned? Never flirt with a gay man, it’s like feeding a stray cat, once done you’re committed.”
Favorite line #2:
“Just be sure you stay in touch. I want a letter, a phone call, or an email. And I want them regularly, even if it’s just three words.”
“What kind of three words?”
Chris’s chest heaved out a hard expelled huff, then shook his head, “I’m still alive— I’m working hard—” Chris’s gaze decidedly locked on him, “—come get me.”

The Teddy Bear Collection is a collection of stand alone books with a shared character theme of Bears &/or Mature Men.

About the Author

Both Proud Indy Authors: Talon P.S. and his twin, Tarian P.S. love to torment their editor with a nefarious world of foreign-language, slang, local dialect, stretched/outside-of-the-box synonyms. They’re also known to throw in some con-lang at times. Though it will do you no good to scold them for it, they’ll point to Shakespeare with a retort along the line of “He started it.”

This, of course, is all thrown in there with the dyslexia soup stock they both suffer from that makes editing with them a joy. [joy: n see mental illness]

As a results of the abuse to their editors, the ignored kitties, and don’t even bring up the house chores, the final product comes out as richly-detailed, holographic worlds of Suspense, Science Fiction, and Erotic Romance, both Het and Gay. Not to leave out Talon's favorite genre: Space Sci-Fi Frontiers; and Tarian's favorite genres Post-Apocalyptic Dark Fantasies, all for readers to submerse themselves into and escape from the mundane.

So be sure to have your reading glasses ready and stake out some prime cozy real estate cushions, because once you open these pages— Oh, the places we will go!

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