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Ties of the Heart

The Red and Black Sanctum Club Series

by C.O. Coker

Ties of the Heart - C.O. Corker
Part of the The Red and Black Sanctum Club series:
  • Ties of the Heart
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: £ 0.99

‘Ties of the Heart’ book 1, ‘The Red and Black Sanctum Club’.
Two Dominators, Ariel Dywer and Huntley Targett, scarred by what happened to them in their pasts, making them perfect for one another.
Ariel had always been a Dominator but something happened to his sister and as a promise to her, he set up The Red and Black Sanctum Club for gay Dominators and submissives.
Huntley was once a submissive, a long time ago, but no longer. But when his heart was broken, he promised his submission to no one else but his Master. He could not give himself to another man in that way, so he became a Dominator.
Two Dominators, both scarred by the past, find their future with one another. But what will the future hold for them both?

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Ariel grabbed his jacket and keys and headed to the pub where Garath had called from. He looked around and Garath was not there but he quickly spotted Huntley at the end of the bar. He came to him and sat down beside him.
“ Fosters.” he said.
The barman poured one, put it in front of him and Ariel sipped it.
Huntley looked at him out of the corner of his eye and groaned. He drank the rest of his drink and then ordered another.
“ Don’t you think you should call it a night?” asked Ariel.
“ I’ll call it a night when I want.”
The barman looked at Ariel and he nodded. Another was placed in front of Huntley and he took it.
“ You can go, you know. I don’t need babysitting.” said Huntley to Ariel.
“ Can’t a man have a quiet drink?”
“ Then do it somewhere else.”
“ I’m happy here.”
Huntley downed the drink and then he got a refill.


He went to a booth and almost fell over but he caught himself. Most of the brandy slopped onto his hand and Huntley cursed. He sat down and drank the rest of it, placing the empty glass on the table. He stood but was very unsteady on his feet. Ariel noticed and came to him. Ariel pinned him to a wall, hands above his head, one of his legs slipping between the blond man’s legs. They both were breathing heavily and Ariel’s manhood started to rise and get hard at the closeness of the man. He bit back a groan of desire building inside of him. He felt the manhood of Huntley swelling and he could not stop himself. He lowered his lips to the man he trapped between the wall and himself and as Huntley moaned, he swept his tongue into his mouth. Tongues and teeth clashed, hips grinding together, hands roaming clothed flesh until they could no longer breathe. Their lips parted and Ariel needed more. He closed the distance again, and he devoured the mouth of Huntley, taking possession of it. He could feel hands on his chest and they pushed. He released the lips, and a hand slapped him across the face. He caught the hand as it went for another hit.
“ Don’t kiss me again. Just don’t.” breathed Huntley.
The crack in the voice told him that something was not right, and he stepped back slightly.
“ Hunt?”
“ Never call me that. Never.” Huntley breathed, his voice cracking.
Ariel knew there was something deeper going on with Huntley as he could hear the silent tears in his voice.
“ Ok Huntley, I will not.”
“ I need a brandy.”
Ariel looked to the bartender and nodded. He did, and he handed it to Huntley who drank it willingly.
“ Now let’s get you home.”
“ I have no home. Not without him. Not without him.”
“ Screw this. I’m taking you home.” he said, using his Dominator voice, which worked on Dominators and submissives alike.


About the Author

I am a new author from England. My debut series is purely gay, 'The Red and Black Sanctum Club'. I write kink, a lot of kink.