Throw His Heart Over

by Sebastian Nothwell

Throw His Heart Over - Sebastian Nothwell - Aubrey & Lindsey
Part of the Aubrey & Lindsey series:
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Pages: 160
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ISBN: 9780463696941
Pages: 160

England, 1892

Sir Lindsey Althorp, spectacularly wealthy baronet, has sat in the saddle since the day he was breeched.

Aubrey Warren, threadbare telegraph boy turned engineer, has never ridden a horse in his life and had no intention of starting—until now.

When a portrait-painting holiday in the country provides an opportunity for riding, Lindsey is eager to teach Aubrey the ropes. Aubrey works to overcome his well-founded caution regarding large beasts of burden. Harder to dispel are his insecurities about his scarred body in the wake of the Rook Mill boiler explosion—particularly as these scars are put on display to model for the painting Icarus Fallen.

As the painting progresses, so do the riding lessons, until a potentially deadly accident may put a stop to both for good.


This is the second book in the Aubrey & Lindsey series. It is a direct sequel to Mr Warren's Profession.

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“How would you like to see me painted?” Lindsey asked. “Standing in the library? Or laid out like Venus of Urbino?”

“If you mean without your clothes on, I can’t say I’d mind it.” Aubrey said, his smile matching Lindsey’s. “Though I don’t think you could hang it in the family gallery.”

“Standing in the library for the gallery, then,” Lindsey conceded. “And a reclining nude for you.”

Aubrey’s cheeks had once again turned a charming shade of porcelain pink, like the inside of a seashell. “If you’re offering.”

“I am. Volunteering, even. With enthusiasm.”

“Then as long as you are,” Aubrey added, not meeting Lindsey’s twinkling eyes, “perhaps you’d also sit for something smaller. And more… traditional.”

“Interesting euphemism for ‘put your clothes back on,’” Lindsey mused aloud.

Reviews:Sue on Joyfully Jay wrote:

Aubrey Warren doesn’t understand the concept of vacations. A survivor of the workhouses and rough living, Aubrey views work as protection against all the horrors he managed to escape. But with the mill being rebuilt and fitted for electricity, Aubrey has no choice but to try and enjoy his time off. Luckily, he’s doing so with his lover, Sir Lindsey Althorp, and while the love they share is stalwart, both men still struggle to bridge the gap between their varied life experiences.

When Lindsey introduces Aubrey to the gentlemanly pursuit of horse riding, he hopes it will be a hobby they can share. But an accident leaves Aubrey fighting for life and Lindsey faced with the very real possibility of losing the man he loves.

... Sebastian Nothwell is quickly developing into an exceptional historical romance writer and one whose books I eagerly await. Throw His Heart Over is a sweet follow up to Mr Warren’s Profession and it was fun to visit with Aubrey and Lindsey again. I’m interested to see how their relationship continues to evolve and change!

About the Author

Sebastian Nothwell writes same-sex romance. When he is not writing, he is counting down the minutes until he is permitted to return to writing. He is absolutely not a ghost and definitely did not die in 1895.

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