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Through a Dark Lens

by J. Hali Steele

Through a Dark Lens - J. Hali Steele
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 1.99
Pages: 70

A cameraman, a porn star, and a movie set. Something is bound to…come up!

Dan Styles has a normal sex life but after years shooting porn flicks two, three times a week; watching one being made is like viewing a pie bake-off—slow and boring. Until he peers through his lens at Luke Canyon, known for riding hard and deep.

Nothing will ever be the same.

Luke ‘Deep’ Canyon has a reputation for getting hard, staying hard, and coming hard. On his new shoot it’s not enough to entice a hot young cameraman from behind the camera—Luke will not be satisfied until he owns him.

When Dan and Luke are alone there are no lights, no camera, only action.

Contains: #drama #enemiestolovers #explicit #gay #HEA #roughsex

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Dan sat in his SUV impatiently tapping the console. Wise ass intentionally made him wait. Running fingers beneath the snug turtleneck he wore only served to work him up. Too freaking hot for so much collar but Dan wore the shirt to hide his neck.

He’d hoped to get to the Zoo before noon traffic. Staring at his front door, when it opened and Luke stepped out, he sucked in a lungful of air. The bastard was too fucking gorgeous for his own good. He wore a white linen suit sans shirt. Almost black hair styled just so and… Shit, he’d shaved his chest. Muscle rippled across his stomach as the sexy bastard headed to the car. Man was going to tease Dan all day.

He climbed in and faced Dan. “Didn’t figure you for the truck type.”

Tires churned in dirt kicking up a cloud of dust as he sped down the drive. “It’s not a truck.”

“My mistake.” He turned on the radio and it shocked Dan he selected to stream a jazz station.


“Didn’t figure you for jazz.”

Elevating volume another notch, Luke reclined.

Damn if his fingers weren’t sexy as they tapped a thick thigh in time with music. Good God, this was terrible. Say something. “You know there’s a scene where Trick remarks about running fingers through hair on your chest?”

Head flipped in his direction and piercing green eyes pinned Dan. “Rate this production’s going, I could grow a carpet before that scene is shot.”

“This ride might be better made in silence.”

“Agreed.” Laying his head back, Luke closed his eyes.

Traffic was light and Dan made good time reaching 34th street and Girard. Bernie had included her pass in the envelope which meant primo parking as well as free admission. “Come or wait. I don’t expect to be long.” Without lingering for a response, Dan struck out toward the main entrance. Luke chose to follow. Reaching the Administration building, he was directed to the Reptile and Amphibian House which was practically across from where they were; however, the route was longer using designated walkways.

Had to knock because the structure was locked up tight. A grizzled old guy who appeared a few years past retirement age threw the door open and explained the exhibit was closed for cleaning. Thankfully, he offered to locate the event manager while allowing them to wait inside.

Dan stood against a wall watching bright green reptiles glide in and out of logs, up and down makeshift trees. Amazed him how quiet the space remained. He jumped when Luke rapped on a window. “Don’t do that.”

“You scared of snakes?”

“No but why disturb them.”

“Sign says rattlers are one of the most venomous in the states.” He tapped the glass lightly and a large serpent slithered toward him. “Says they’ll live twenty to thirty years in captivity.” He faced Dan. “This one is huge. Don’t you want to see it?”

“I see them all the time. I visit often.”

“You visit snakes?”

“Oh, for crying out loud.” He ambled over figuring to shut Luke up. He wasn’t prepared for what transpired. “Luke, what are you doing?” Dan found himself trapped against the glass enclosure.


Hell if I know.” Luke had no explanation. “I’m horny as shit around you.”

“Wasn’t this morning enough? You need to save it because we have to make up for lost time tomorrow.”

“I’m used to getting it up multiple times.” Dan’s parting shot from the night before still rankled. “I know when to pull out to prolong a take.” Luke shoved his hand in Dan’s pants. “I’m working with a cameraman who knows his shit.”

“Luke, last night…”

“Forget it.” Hell if he would. “You’ll work some of that camera magic you’re supposedly good at, right?”

“Touché.” Corner of Dan’s mouth slanted. “I’m not going to stop you.”

“Say yes, I’ll stop.”

“Someone could walk in.”

“I don’t care.”

Narrow hips jutted forward. “Luke…”

His name rolled so fucking sweetly from Dan’s lips, it drained away some animosity. “The gentleman said we can get out but he locked the door barring visitors from blundering in. We’ll hear his key.” Dan stood quiet as Luke began to jerk him off. “Want me to stop?”

“You’re incorrigible.”

“And you’re stubborn as fuck.” Flipped Dan to face the snake. “Say yes, I stop.”

“Damn you!”

“Yes or no, Dan?”

“No, no…don’t stop.”

The snake wrapped around a log with his head facing them. Tail rattled, tongue flicked as it hissed. “It knows I’m going to fuck you.”

“Oh, Jesus, Luke.” Dan pressed into him, ran a palm down Luke’s thigh. “This is madness.”

Luke pulled Dan’s zipper down allowing his dick to spring free. “Are you mad for me, Dan?” He yanked his hand from Dan’s slacks. “Push your pants down for me.” He kissed his neck, sucked skin gently. “Say it.” When Dan’s bare ass touched Luke’s cock, he damn near shot his load. Why, why did this man have such effect on him? Lust, nothing more. “Say yes and stop the madness.”

Craning his neck to peer at Luke, Dan growled, “No.”

Irritated Luke to no end pretty fucker wouldn’t say it. If he did, could he stop? “Goddamn you.”


About the Author

J. Hali Steele wishes she could grow fur, wings, or fangs, so she can stay warm, fly, or just plain bite the crap out of... Well, she can't do those things but she wishes she could! Multi-published author of Romance including Contemporary, LGBTQ, Paranormal, and ReligErotica stories where humans, vampyres, shapeshifters and angels often collide—they collide a lot! When J. Hali's not writing or reading, she can be found snuggled in front of the TV with a cat in her lap, and a cup of coffee.

My Quotes:

Growl and roar—it's okay to let the beast out. – J. Hali Steele

Death is overrated as punishment. – J. Hali Steele (from The Descendants)

Life is complicated, it’s loud, death arrives silently. – J. Hali Steele (from Twice the Burn)