Theirs by Bond

by Kelex

Theirs by Bond - Kelex - Bear Mountain
Part of the Bear Mountain series:
  • Theirs by Bond
Editions:ePub - First: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9780463292976
Pages: 85
Kindle - First: $ 2.99
ISBN: 9780463292976
Pages: 85

Before the book one epilogue...

Without much thought, Carson gave up his life in the human world to move to Bear Mountain and live with his mates, Jared and Royce. The bond he experienced with his two bears had felt so powerful, that he’d plunged in headfirst, ready for a new adventure.

As time has worn on, the potent insta-lust they felt in those first days fades some and the weight of a new, burgeoning romance falls on their shoulders. Adding in a new wrinkle, doubts form that threaten their chance at forever.

They all soon discover that a relationship demands work on all sides. It will take commitment to propel them from the lust of their animal mating to the love they all sensed was possible from the start.

Unless secrets tear them apart first.

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About the Author

International bestselling gay erotic romance author Kelex lives in the MidAtlantic with a twenty-something kidult and two semi-loveable masses of fur who are often found snarling at the mailman or UPS driver—or pooping on the brand new carpet.

She writes under various pen names all over the erotica and erotic romance map.

Kelex is the author of over 125 books... more can be found here:

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