The Wrong Side of Right

by Nya Rawlyns

Tony Mitchell is a loner who spends most of his life staying low, denying who and what he is until Aiden Caldwell walks into the shop and changes everything. Tony thinks his new supervisor hates his guts, but that doesn’t keep Tony from dreaming and yearning. His fantasies drive him to follow the older man, revealing a secret that only confounds Tony’s obsession.

Conflicted and confused, Tony falls under the spell of a man called Tank who leads Tony down a dark path of seduction and dangerous cravings. Under Tank’s guidance, Tony learns to suspend reality, to succumb. The one thing he doesn’t learn is how to say no.

Aiden Caldwell pulls Tony from the precipice but not from the addiction that threatens to consume the young man.

In the matter of love and trust, can two men intent on hiding their most secret selves find common ground as fate and their own tumultuous pasts conspire to tear them apart?

EBOOK BANNED by Amazon! The Wrong Side of Right is an uncompromising exploration of male/male sensuality. This book contains adult language, adult situations and non-consent. If you are easily offended, you may not enjoy this book.

Audiobook performed by Michael Ferraiuolo.


Tony bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut tight, tighter, until the explosion behind his eyelids lifted him into orbit and he came, hot and sweet, cursing himself to hell and back because he loved it. He hated it.

Later he could not recall cleaning up or wrapping the apron around his waist, hiding most of the wet spots on his jeans and tee shirt. He did remember watching the big man pause at the door and give him a strange look because he had asked, “Have you?”

“Have I what, kid?”

“Been raped.”

“Not anymore.”

Reviews:Susan Mac Nicol on The Romance Reviews wrote:

Gritty, visceral, dark and uplifting. Sexy, voyeuristic and downright dirty in places. These are just a few of the words I'd use to describe this book. And I kept turning each page waiting to get to the next scene, waiting to see what Tony, Tank and Aidan would do next.

this book is gritty, and the sex is real, hard-core even and the basic story is not for those faint of heart. It's a coming of age, a discovery of inner turmoil and a tale of men so different and yet so willing to share each other's strengths and weaknesses.

I loved this book. It was not what I envisaged when I first started reading it and by the time I realized this, it was far too late for me to even think of backing out.

This books deals with disturbing elements: self harm, self abuse, victimization, rape, even torture. But if you have the balls to read it, you won't be disappointed. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a little pain and suffering along with a healthy dose of compassion, love and tenderness.

Alex on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:

This highly erotic and powerful story took me by surprise and then some as it plunged me deep into the raw emotional depths of its lead character, Tony, a seemingly surly mechanic with a preference for a side of pain with his pleasure.
This is where this author’s skill at revelation of character transcends the norm. With the precision of a laser slicing a pea, Tony is revealed to be a man on the edge. An edge of fear and self-loathing so profound that his self-esteem is a chronic, barely scabbed over wound, which he obsessively picks at in an attempt to keep his secrets hidden.

The brilliance of Nya Rawlyn’s wordplay and storytelling ability is such that other than revealing that Tony is slight and has a light beard, there is little description of his outer appearance and yet I could only see him as beautiful. I got to know the man from the inside out through his somewhat warped self-perspective and through the eyes of others. The details, provided in precious nuggets from his vivid companions, kept me in a state of anticipation, uncertain whether I could trust the vision of the realistically flawed supporting characters. This too added to the page-turner drive of the tale, the need to know the truth of Tony outside of altered perception. Aiden’s response to Tony and a subsequent trip to a menswear store vividly portray the disparity of inner esteem and outer appearance, the latter revealing that the author also has a gift for light comedy. The character of Ruby, Aiden’s closest friend, also provides delightful moments of mirth.

These are gritty, sensual characters who work hard for their pleasure, written about in the sublime language of inner turmoil, masculine ambition, and relentless sexual drive. It’s the wrong side of right, but it is oh, so right.

“Powerful, Luminous, Fragility”

About the Author

Crossing boundaries, taking no prisoners.
Write what’s in your soul.
It’s the bass beat, the heartbeat, the lyrics rude and true.


Nya Rawlyns has been writing for over fifteen years across a variety of genres – suspense/mystery, contemporary western, romance, romantic comedy, women’s fiction, literary fiction and contemporary young adult fantasy.

A lifelong equestrienne, she has competed in dressage and distance riding. Her love affair with words began as a young child and continues unabated. She lives in Pennsylvania with her daughter, horses, cats, chickens and a family of friends and supporters who provide not just inspiration but absolute belief in her characters and stories.

Most days she can be found daydreaming and listening to the voices in her head.

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