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The Werewolf’s Fae Mate

by Liv Rider

The Werewolf's Fae Mate - Liv Rider
Part of the BlackEdge Pack series:

He never expected his mate to be fae. Now he has to choose between his heart and his pack.

When mixed-blood werewolf Mahon comes across powerful fae magic in a nightclub, dealing with the threat is a chance to prove to his new pack where his loyalties lie. But the threat turns out to be a gorgeous, wide-eyed college student who’s never heard of the supernatural world. After they're attacked by bloodsucking vampire bats, he takes Oscar and his small, angry cat home for their own protection. He’ll definitely tell his pack about Oscar...later.

Abandoned as an infant, Oscar’s always wondered where he came from—he just never expected the answer to include pointy ears, magical powers, and evil forces trying to kill him. Oscar knows he shouldn’t rely on Mahon for help, but it’s hard to resist when a six-foot-six werewolf literally sweeps you off your feet. The key to Oscar’s past might lie with the local fae court—where werewolves aren’t welcome.

Oscar and Mahon are mates—but how can they be together when it might cost them both everything?

The Werewolf’s Fae Mate is an m/m paranormal werewolf/fae romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers.

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The man growled something, but Oscar didn’t hear it over the thunder of his own pulse. He gaped up at the nearly seven feet of wet dream standing in his doorway, every bad-boy fantasy he’d ever had come to life and glowering down at him. The man’s face could’ve been hewn from rock, square-jawed with deep-set dark eyes. Jesus H. Christ. The man’s broad shoulders pulled his T-shirt tight under his leather jacket, and Oscar imagined what it would feel like to slide his hands over those hard pectorals, to dig his hands into…Whoa there, tiger! Oscar hauled his thoughts back into line. Maybe you should stop ogling Tall, Dark, and Handsome and ask him what he’s here for?


The man looked just as taken aback as Oscar, as if he hadn’t expected a skinny twenty-four-year-old in Iron Man boxers. Oh, God, Oscar was only wearing boxers. He hugged a struggling Marshmallow closer, as if the cat could somehow double as a shirt. Words. He needed to find some words.

“Um—sorry?” he managed.

“I’m Mahon O’Calleigh. Who are you?” the man rumbled. He had an Irish accent and a low, gravelly voice. Oh, that wasn’t fair at all.

“Oscar. Oscar Williams.” Oscar said, still dazed. “I don’t usually answer the door in my boxers.” This seemed important to clarify. “I almost always wear pants. Um—sorry, are you looking for someone? ‘Cause it’s just me here.”

Mahon frowned down at him. “I’m looking for you. That was your spell in the club last night, wasn’t it?”


“The fire,” Mahon said impatiently. “That was yours.”

Oscar dropped Marshmallow, who gave a yowl of triumph and streaked down the hallway.

“Fuck!” Oscar swore and began to stumble after her, but Mahon didn’t budge from the doorframe.

“I’m sure she’ll come back,” Mahon began. “The beasts always know where their dinner is.”

“It’s not that,” Oscar said, craning to see past Mahon. “It’s just—she thinks she’s about ten times larger than she actually is, and last week she attacked Mrs. Giordano’s dog and I managed to smooth it over but Mrs. Giordano usually takes Rufus for a walk about this time and if she tells the super that I have a cat up here without permission—” He flailed his hands around helplessly. Oscar knew he sounded insane, but he loved Marshmallow. Mrs. Giordano’s Labrador had taken Marshmallow’s attack as an attempt to play last time, but what if the dog wasn’t so placid this time? Marshmallow might have no fear, but Oscar was all-too-aware that she could get hurt if the dog reacted badly.

Mahon rocked back on his heels. “Get dressed,” he said gruffly. “I’ll go fetch your damned cat.” He strode down the hallway after Marshmallow before Oscar could object.


About the Author

When Liv isn't writing, she's reading, helped by the occasional shot of caffeine. She has an affinity for the paranormal and animals of prey (as well as their domesticated cousins). To receive a free story and find out when she has a new release, join Liv's mailing list  or visit her at for more information.