The Tengu’s Jewels

Shinoda Monogatari Book 3

by Paula O'Keefe

The Tengu's Jewels - Paula O'Keefe
Editions:Paperback: $ 7.99
ISBN: 1501003194
Pages: 214

Shinoda Forest is at peace, but under the calm surface of summer, dark currents are stirring.  The wounds of war, both outer and inner, are slow to heal, and old enemies  dream of revenge.  Lady Koi, the Fox Queen, sets out on a pilgrimage, leaving Komori and  his mother Benihane to care for the forest, only to plunge them into crisis when a priceless treasure is stolen.  The Tengu Queen suspects one of her own, and enlists  the catboy Shao, Komori's half-human beloved, as her agent.  What will Shao find in his search? Will his love for Komori pass an unexpected test? And what will happen when the Tengu and Fox Queens rekindle their long-smoldering romance?

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About the Author

Paula Jacqueline O'Keefe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves movies, cats, coffee, Godzilla, forests, ball-jointed dolls, world mythology, and too many anime series to name. When not involved with writing, conventions, museums, dollmaking, sewing, or any of the above obsessions, she likes to sleep. She began writing at the age of twelve, discovered National Novel Writing Month 44 years later, and wrote her first novel, The Assassin's Flute, in 2011.  The Shinoda Monogatari series now comprises four novels with a fifth and sixth on the way.

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