The Sun Dragon’s Mate

by Liv Rider

The Sun Dragon's Mate - Liv Ride
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 104

Now available in one bundle – Dragon Sun and its companion short story The Sun Dragon’s Flight.

Dragon Sun:
Dragon shifter Griffith Rees finally meets the man who ignites his mating instinct—presumed human Noah Tine. But Noah has powers Griffith’s never seen, and Noah discovers he might not be so human after all. But is Griffith ready to open his heart to love? And does catching the man who killed his partner mean sacrificing Noah?

The Sun Dragon’s Flight:
When Griffith takes Noah to his family’s secluded lake house to learn how to shift for the first time, a flying lesson turns into a mating flight. But the Sun Dragon isn’t a force to play around with, and Noah may be deep over his head. Can he learn how to control his dragon with Griffith’s help?

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The shadow in the window moved again, followed by a thump. Then Madoc was ripped backward, so suddenly Noah felt the rush of air filling the vacuum.

Someone else was in the room. Someone tall and built, with dark blond hair with a hint of curl to it, who held a gun aimed directly at Madoc crouching a few feet away.

Madoc snarled. A red-orange aura the color of fire circled them. Noah had to be imagining things, because for a second the guy with the gun looked like he had…scales.

Hallucinations must be a side effect of whatever Madoc had done to him. Or maybe this was what dying felt like.

“Help,” he managed to get out.


The guy glanced over at him, his eyes blazing with the same orange fire that swirled over his skin. He stepped back, away from Madoc—who scrambled up once the gun was off him—and looked back and forth between them before making up his mind and moving closer to Noah, still keeping his gun trained on Madoc. He asked urgently, “Are you all right?”

“I don’t think so.” He’d never felt this weak before. “I think I’m dying.”

“He’s right, Griffith,” Madoc spoke up. “He’s got a few minutes at most. If you’re going to shoot me, you’d better do it soon if you want to save his life.” Madoc smiled. “But you’re not going to shoot me, are you?”

Something flashed in the blond’s—Griffith’s—eyes. “You think I won’t?”

Madoc shrugged. “I think if you do, you won’t be able to resist shooting to kill. And you don’t have it in you to betray your precious code of justice.”

Noah moaned; he couldn’t help it. It was like every sluggish beat of his heart pulled him closer to the void.

“Fuck.” Griffith pulled up his gun. Madoc’s face flashed with triumph. Fire flared, blinding Noah for a split second before he became aware that Griffith was kneeling next to the couch and Madoc was gone.

Noah felt Griffith’s fingers at his neck, checking Noah’s pulse with a grim look on his face. “Hey,” Griffith said suddenly, startling Noah back to awareness; his eyes had drifted closed. “Stay with me.”

Noah tried, but he was so tired. With an effort he focused on Griffith, whose eyes were no longer orange but a soft warm brown. He was rugged and good-looking in an entirely different way from Madoc’s sleek attractiveness. The lines around his mouth said he used to laugh a lot, and the removed look in his eyes said he hadn’t in a while.

Noah’s vision began to turn black at the edges. His eyelids inched down again.

“Fuck,” Griffith swore. In the next moment, he pulled Noah’s t-shirt up and put his hands just under Noah’s ribs. “This might hurt.”

Noah cried out when flames shot out and licked his skin, engulfing it in heat so intense he was sure he was being burned alive. He looked down expecting to see flames, but there was no glow of fire, no charred skin. It hurt—oh God, it hurt—but it was like a jolt of energy blazing through every part of him, clearing his head so quickly it was painful.

It gave him enough strength to pull away from the hands burning his skin and curl up defensively on the couch.

“What did you do?”

Griffith looked dazed, as if that moment of searing contact had affected him too. “I’m sorry. It was the only thing I could think of.”


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