The Strigoi Chronicles

by Nya Rawlyns

The Strigoi Chronicles - Nya Rawlings
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 978-0-9892496-7-6
Pages: 292

Meet Dreu. He’s not just a hybrid creature of the night: he’s a charming rascal, sometimes clueless, always randy. He’s on a quest whether he knows it or not. Follow his adventures when brigands unleash him onto an unsuspecting world.

Book 1 (Penance) introduces Dreu, the hybrid creature of the night, incarcerated under the aegis of the Church, until a band of brigands releases him to an unsuspecting world.

Book 2 (Fane) chronicles Dreu's perilous and sensuous journey of the heart, his lust, his love forever in thrall with a youngling werewolf.

Book 3 (Michel) continues with Dreu and his demon father, Michel, locked in an ongoing saga of deceit and betrayal, of love lost and love found.

Book 4 (Dreu) has Dreu and his demon lover on the road, tasked with getting answers, finding the errant nuke and saving the world. What could possibly go wrong?


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Reviews:Susan Mac Nicol on The Romance Reviews wrote:

Let me say from the outset that I don't read a lot of paranormal M/M about vampire, werewolves, demons and the like. Nya Rawlyns however is a writer that I love so I decided to read this 4 book box set to give myself an introduction into this genre. And what an introduction it was.

Dreu is 900 years old, half Vampyre, half demon. His father is the Demon King, an Armani suited, rather charming individual when he's not planning on killing people. Then there's Fane, the werewolf Dreu falls for and Jefrumael, Dreu's other lover, the demon who is second in command to the Man in Armani.

Written in first person, from Dreu's POV, this is a rip roaring, rollicking tale of supernatural battles, carnage, lust-fueled sex of many kinds, between multiple parties in various shapes and guises, explosions and deep rooted family issues, all coated liberally with splashes of blood.

Of course there is also the burgeoning relationship between Fane and Dreu, when Dreu falls in love head over heels and then the second romantic liaison with Jef, which comes into its own. Dreu begins to see who he is, starts making the journey to stop the doubt in himself as to what and who he is and begin to realise his place in his world.

It's powerfully written, beautifully descriptive, witty with banter and undercurrents of humour and imaginative in the extreme. The story was fast paced, the characters memorable and the melting pot of supernatural myths and legends coming to life in one tale was entertaining.

I was glad I read this story as my first foray into this genre and if this is what you like, then you definitely have your work cut out for you riding the wave of a well-crafted tale like this one.

About the Author

Crossing boundaries, taking no prisoners.
Write what’s in your soul.
It’s the bass beat, the heartbeat, the lyrics rude and true.


Nya Rawlyns has been writing for over fifteen years across a variety of genres – suspense/mystery, contemporary western, romance, romantic comedy, women’s fiction, literary fiction and contemporary young adult fantasy.

A lifelong equestrienne, she has competed in dressage and distance riding. Her love affair with words began as a young child and continues unabated. She lives in Pennsylvania with her daughter, horses, cats, chickens and a family of friends and supporters who provide not just inspiration but absolute belief in her characters and stories.

Most days she can be found daydreaming and listening to the voices in her head.

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