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The Sigil : A Novel

Sabriel meets The Descent

by Shakeil Kanish

The Sigil - Shakeil Kanish
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 9.99
ISBN: B0849SR7M2
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 344


Lake Smithson has everything a boy like him could ever want. Loving, adoptive parents and a brother who feels like his other half. So why does something inside him yearn for more? Fate has other plans for him. A tragic event obliterates his world, forcing him to find a reason to go on. His obsession to find the answers makes him question everything he has ever known and thrust him into a world that has hidden in plain sight for centuries.


Nova Rathers has always been looked down upon by those who are ‘gifted’. Determined to prove she can be more than her circumstances, she struggles to find a way to make a name for herself. Until an uninvited visitor makes their way to her world, setting off a chain reaction of events that go against her entire way of life. Leading her to make choices that could tear apart everything her people worked so hard to keep secret.

Joined by new friends, Lake and Nova attempt to piece together mysterious clues about what’s happening. Unfortunately, their hunt might lead them to something even more sinister. Something that could destroy everything that they have left.

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Reviews:Stacy Fetters on Goodreads wrote:

"And I know this world is complicated and hard and crazy, and that sometimes you feel you don’t belong. Hell, sometimes I feel like I don’t belong. But I want you here. Because you make me happy again.”

Sabriel meets The Descent in this high urban fantasy that you won’t ever forget.

A tragic death.
A dangerous obsession.
A desperate mission.

This is the diverse, own-voices fantasy novel that I have been waiting for. A lot of ones being released lose my interest quickly and I end up leaving them behind. Everything together as a whole was absolutely fantastic!! This is the book that A. Silvera wishes he would have written!

This starts off with an explosion and never lets up. It was action-packed and never lost its dull. The scenes are set up so perfectly that you can actually visualize it all. The characters were all well thought out and developed superbly.

The Sigil is a debut novel from an own-voices author who you need to keep on your radar. This debut was tremendous, so just imagine what his other books are going to be like. I'm excited to see what he releases next. But my fingers are crossed for a sequel!!!

About the Author

Shakeil Kanish loves to write, which, considering you’re holding this book, makes perfect sense. The Sigil is his debut novel and he’s super excited about being an openly gay author and getting the chance to write about an openly gay protagonist. He feels it’s something sorely missing from the writing world, and he wants underrepresented kids everywhere to be able to root for a new type of hero. He loves playing video games enjoys snacking down on apple pie, as any sane person should. You can become his best friend by asking him to duet any song from the Greatest Showman. No, seriously, please do it.