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The Shifter Chronicles Anthology

The Shifter Chronicles, Books 1-8

by M.D. Grimm

The Shifters bundle - M.D. Grimm
Pages: 889
Pages: 889
Pages: 889

Sink your teeth into M.D. Grimm's paranormal world in this exclusive bundle of nine dramatic romances featuring shifters: not just wolves, but bulls, cougars, deer, bears, falcons, and more. No matter the shape, these men will find their happily ever afters while fighting for their lives.

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Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 4
Romantic Content: 4
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Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay
Tropes: Alpha Character, Badass Hero, Enemies to Lovers, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, First Time, Friends to Lovers, Interracial Relationship, Lone Wolf
Word Count: 889
Languages Available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

Psychic Moon
The Shifter Chronicles: Book One

Humane Officer Derek Wiliams has been toying with the idea of asking out Brian O’Donogue since the veterinarian started working at the Pet Rescue Center two years ago. So why hasn’t he made his move? It’s complicated… but it has something to do with the fact that Derek occasionally likes to run around on four legs instead of two.

Recovering from an abusive relationship and hiding supernatural abilities of his own, Brian takes a chance and agrees to go on a date with Derek. The ensuing relationship is better than either of them could have hoped—until a rogue wolf shifter attacks Brian while he’s walking his dogs. The abrupt attack forces Derek to confront his feelings, but the danger isn’t over. The rogue shifter is out there, and he’s hunting them.


Juggling the dangerous distraction and maintaining a credible cover, Rick is thrown off-balance by a sequence of disastrous events, and as he scrambles to keep his footing, the havoc accelerates before he can call in backup. Marooned in a realm of sly deception, immediate reprisal, and sudden violence, he’s forced to act against the dictates of his conscience to stay alive when a single misstep could mean death.


Celtic Warrior & Wolf Spirit
Sequel to Psychic Moon

Derek and Brian are celebrating their first Christmas together, and Brian is determined to show Derek a Christmas like those he shared with his family back east. A wolf shifter, Derek has never celebrated a traditional Christmas before; his pack usually shifts on Yule and hunts. But Brian’s holiday plans—and his future with Derek—are threatened by the unexpected appearance of Brian’s abusive ex-boyfriend, who refuses to let Brian go.


Love is a Whirlwind
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Two

Ryan and Caleb became the best of friends while Caleb taught Ryan as best he could about being human. Born a bull shifter named Whirlwind, Ryan was taken in by Caleb’s mother, who wanted to protect him—just as Caleb did. Their time together leads to deeper feelings... and now they’ve decided to give a relationship a chance. Unfortunately, Ryan is kidnapped, and Caleb has to call in the Agency—an organization that protects shifters—or their new life together will end before it ever starts.


Blind Devotion
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Three

In Haven, Montana, the shifters and their human allies are safe—for now. But that safety hinges on the town’s location remaining a secret, and it’s about to be compromised.

Cougar shifter Travis Kuger spent the past ten years alternating between craving revenge and wishing he could forget his painful past. Ever since the shifter-hating Knights blinded him and killed his family, Haven—and Sheriff Jack Ulger—have been Travis’s refuge.

Travis and Jack know their friendship could be much more, but Jack is part of Haven’s ruling wolf shifter pack. If he takes a non-wolf mate, he’ll be banished forever. But when one of the Knights infiltrates Haven, love becomes the least of their problems.


Hunter and Hunted
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Four

Orphan Hunter Landon craves a family who will love him unconditionally. When he’s adopted by the Knights, an organization dedicated to destroying shifters, Hunter is grateful, but their ideology never sits right. Finally, on a rite of passage during which he’s supposed to kill his first shifter, Hunter discovers the truth: he meets Glenn Lightfoot, a deer shifter, and asks a lot of questions.

Glenn hates the Knights and worries about the safety of his herd with one in their midst. After all, the Knights have hurt his family before. On the other hand, this is his chance to convert an enemy, and some instinct tells him Hunter won’t betray him.

Soon Hunter sees the Knights for the monsters they are. When his time is up, he leaves the herd to protect Glenn. But Glenn is determined not to lose the man he has come to love and respect to the Knights’ cruel campaign.


Healing Minds
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Five

Josh McPhee always wanted to be an agent. To keep from going crazy at the Agency’s New Mexico substation, he talks to the imprisoned wolf shifter—or tries to. Their one-sided conversations only prove the shifter is not getting the help he needs. After all, he is a victim too.

Wolf shifter Xavier doesn’t remember much before his time with the Knights or the time under their control, where he was brainwashed and used to kill innocent shifters. He wants to recover his memories, and yet he fears what he might find. He would escape were it not for the aide whose voice quiets Xavier’s implanted urges.

Late one night the Knights attack the station to retrieve what’s theirs. Overpowered, Josh cannot stop them before they unlock Xavier’s cage. But Xavier rushes to Josh’s rescue and, sensing his opportunity, escapes, taking Josh with him. When Josh wakes up on the road, they strike a bargain: Josh offers Xavier one month of freedom before he calls in the Agency. Both doubt he can be cured, but something about Josh makes Xavier better. They just have to figure out what before the past catches up to them.


Master's Blood
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Six

Three days after the Agency infiltrated the headquarters of the Knights, an organization that killed, tortured, and experimented on shifters, Chief Anu sends Agent Poe on assignment: find Nordik, the powerful bear shifter who controls Sanctuary, and offer alliance. Agent Poe already has his hands full with shifters who need help and a kidnapped agent who needs rescue. Poe has never failed a mission, but he finds members of the Knights who escaped the raid inside Sanctuary, raising suspicions about Chief Anu. Poe’s goals change once more when he discovers he and Nordik have a mutual attraction they can’t resist. Keeping shifters safe becomes more complicated, and more important, than ever.


Hunted Guardian
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Seven

In eighteenth-century Egypt, falcon shifter Con’s parents died attempting to keep powerful, ancient scrolls out of the hands of a monster. Now it falls to Con to keep the scrolls hidden and lead the hunter away so their sacrifice isn’t for nothing. But he isn’t quite fast enough, and he finds himself helpless in an unfamiliar English countryside village. That is, until a beautiful man with a limp carries Con to his manor to tend to his wounds.

As an alpha wolf, Quincy’s compassion is not valued by his pack, which leads him to nurse the falcon in secret. A bond quickly forms between Quincy and the mysterious raptor, so he’s concerned at Con’s reaction to the arrival of another visitor, the Countess Blackburn.


The Serpent and the Angel
The Shifter Chronicles: Book Eight

In the year 1866, Sheriff Tobias Goldstein guards a small mining town in the Colorado territory with a cold and merciless hand. A rare rattlesnake shifter, he lives by a code and expecting others to do the same has kept the peace—until a nameless stranger wanders into town. Intrigued by the lone man, Tobias names him Angel Smith, and sensing he’s trustworthy, he deputizes Angel.

A guardian at heart, golden eagle shifter Angel protects the townspeople, but his dedication is to an ancient scroll capable of great destruction. For generations, Angel’s family protected the artifact with their lives. Now something has returned to hunt down the scroll. Forced to leave his tribe, Angel enjoys the quiet he’s found with Tobias, who hides a warm heart under his aloof exterior. Angel knows the quiet will not last and fears the battle on the horizon. But with Tobias at his back, Angel might stand a chance against his enemies.

Reviews:Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


As most of you know, I am entranced by all things paranormal, but mostly by shifters. Any type of shifter tends to hold my attention, and whether the story is serious or silly, I love them all. When I discovered 'The Shifters' series by M.D. Grimm, I was over the moon. Each book sounded like it was right up my alley, so I couldn't wait to jump into book one.

Derek is a wolf shifter, and a humane officer who works for Pet Rescue. He hates what humans do to so many of their pets, and some days the only thing that keeps him sane is Brian, the veterinarian. Brian has his own gift, however. He can calm and soothe animals in a psychic manner, he just can't figure out why it works so well on Derek. Derek has been waiting two years to ask Brian out, not for fear of rejection, but because he knows he'd eventually need to tell Brian about his wolf, and Derek isn't sure if he wants to.

When they do start dating, it's fireworks and doesn't take them long to admit their true feelings. But one morning while Brian is walking his dogs, he gets attacked by a big, black wolf, and Brian knows there is something different about this animal. Derek sends a coded message to his pack and Agent Poe shows up from the Agency, an organization that has been around for a long time and protects shifters, keeps the knowledge of them away from humans, and goes after hunters.

I would have liked this novella to be longer as I think the author could have developed the characters, especially their backgrounds, a little more; however it didn't detract from my enjoyment. I'm definitely looking forward to more in the series, and perhaps delving into the Agency. I did really adore the way Derek laid down the law, so to speak, to Brian's dogs, and the back-and-forth banter the men had. Their sex was hot and the love story was sweet.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


I enjoyed the first book in 'The Shifters' series by M.D. Grimm so much that I had to jump right into book two. I was intrigued by the concept of a bull shifter as I don't recall having read about one before. Not to mention, Ryan is a bull shifter who competes in the Professional Bull Riding tournaments. Caleb is his best friend and these two have a lot of misconceptions to work out.

Ryan is unique, even for a shifter. His father was a bull shifter who had sex with a cow, and Ryan was born. Apparently it's very unusual for a shifter to be able to breed with an animal. Ryan's dad stayed around long enough to teach him how to shift, and how to stay off the humans’ radar, and then he left him. Ryan was determined he was going to remain a bull his whole life until he met Caleb and felt a need for a human connection. Of course, Caleb has no idea what Ryan is until Ryan had been at their farm for two years. Caleb teaches Ryan how to be human while falling in love with him. Ryan has always loved Caleb but was afraid of losing him if Caleb knew.

In one fateful night, their relationship changes and Ryan mates with Caleb. Before they can really enjoy this, and figure out what kind of life they want to lead together, Ryan is kidnapped. Caleb calls the phone number his mother made him memorize many years before, and reaches Agent Poe with the Agency. Apparently Caleb's aunt is an agent and that's how his mom knew. Anyway, Agent Poe shows up and helps get Ryan back from the man who wanted to be immortalized by the Knights, an organization that is the antithesis of the Agency.

I had so much fun with this book. Ryan, and the way he thought more like a bull than a human, was very endearing. Caleb with his loyalty and love was adorable. A wonderful addition to the series, and I'm glad the author is including more in-depth glimpses into the Agency.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


One of the things that has really struck me about 'The Shifters' series by M.D. Grimm is the wide variety of plots and storylines in each successive book. There is nothing cookie cutter, although the Agency and its antithesis the Knights are a continuing theme and the author expands on each. In this volume, I was struck by the idea of a blind cougar shifter, particularly since he was tortured by the Knights, and revenge is foremost on his mind.

It's been six years since Travis made it to Haven, a refuge for shifters and humans that's practically impossible to locate in northern Montana. He's made a quiet life for himself, writing murder mysteries under a pseudonym and enjoying his new home. His thoughts of revenge have faded as he has found his home in Haven. He's friends with Jack, the sheriff, but is afraid to take it any further as Travis hasn't told anyone about his background or how he was blinded.

Jack is determined to make Travis his mate. There's just one problem. One really big problem. Jack's wolf shifter pack is the largest in the area, and their ancestor started Haven, so in a de-facto manner, they are the dominant shifters in town. And they don't ever mate with a nonwolf. Ever. Can Jack turn his back on his family, his pack for Travis? Before they can deal with this concern, Travis sniffs out a member of the Knights in town, and he knows he has to tell Jack, warn the town, and protect his home.

Oh, the information regarding the Knights and their leader is getting more fascinating. Knowing Travis's connection to the leader, Arcas, came as a scintillating tease in the unfolding of this series. I adored Travis and Jack's mating, and would love to live in Haven. A sexy drama that kept me highly entertained and eager for more.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


Once again the author is bringing me an entirely new scenario on which to chew. In 'Hunter and Hunted', Hunter is a young man who was adopted when he was thirteen. He'd spent his whole life in foster care or group homes and he was so happy to finally have a family. Of course, at the time, he didn't know he was being adopted into the Knights, and raised with all of their vitriol and hatred against shifters. Now he's twenty and is out on his own, assigned with killing his first shifter. Instead, he meets Glenn.

“Are you the monsters they tell me you are or—are they just misinformed?” Hunter demanded. “Are they just so bent on revenge for past grievances that they lost their way, or are they justified in their hate? I need to know!”

Hunter is such a confused young man. He wants to believe what he's been taught, he wants to believe his mother loves him, but he also knows she used her mental abilities on him many times as a child. Hunter has his own ability where he vets visions of the future. Each Knight has a special ability, just as each Agent does. Hunter has so many doubts. He couldn't watch the dissections as a child, it hurt too much to see the pain and torture his family put the shifters through.

Glenn is very distrustful at first. I mean, a Knight with doubts? Yeah, right. But after spending time with Hunter, his animal and human instincts tell him that Hunter truly wants to know the truth. Glenn sets out to show Hunter what a family, a real family, is all about. And to allow Hunter to make up his own mind about what he's been taught versus what he sees, hears, and feels. It's sad, actually, that after just a short time knowing Glenn, Hunter already feels closer to him than any of his "family" with the Knights. Along the way, Glenn and Hunter both realize they've fallen in love. But the Knights aren't going to let Hunter go that easily.

I was so happy to finally see the Agency win a battle against the Knights. The war isn't over, and Agent Poe is still out to locate and destroy Arcas, but a major battle was won and a lot of information gained. Hunter and Glenn are adorable, and although I was a little skeptical of the insta-love, it all worked out in the end. Another exciting addition to the series.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


I have been waiting for Josh and Xavier's story ever since I discovered that the rogue wolf shifter, who had been experimented on by the Knights and made to kill other shifters, was still alive and being treated in an Agency substation. Agent Poe, after capturing Xavier with Derek and Brian's help, had him contained in order for them to try to reverse whatever the Knights did to his brain. Josh is an aide for the Agency, although he's working toward being an agent, at the substation housing Xavier.

"His lapses had stopped when this kid had come here, when Josh had started to talk to him. Somehow, someway, Josh’s voice had been able to drown out the evil one. And boy, did that kid talk. And talk. And talk."

It was painful watching Xavier struggle and suffer, trying to remember who he was before the Knights got hold of him. When he does finally remember, he's ashamed, as Xavier used to be a thief. Of course, this would explain a few of his abilities like knowing how to hot wire a car. Josh was way more than I thought he'd be. His ability is telekinesis, and apparently keeping the voice out of Xavier's mind. I was afraid he might be a little wimpy, but Josh has a core of strength, and watching him stand up to Xavier was quite exciting. *grins*

Their travels together, heading to the Mojave Desert where Xavier hopes the quiet and peace will help him, are fraught with danger, excitement, action, adventure, and the beginnings of some healthy lust. But Josh can't go down that road with Xavier no matter how much he wants to. Agents are forbidden to have relationships and definitely not with shifters. The longer Josh spends time with Xavier, though, the more he realizes that the Agency might be his family, but he's just a cog in the wheel. With Xavier Josh would be his mate, something else that scares him.

It's decided. 'Healing Minds' is definitely my favorite of the series so far. Josh and Xavier are wonderful characters, and their story made me feel. A fantastic book!

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Christy Duke on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


From the very first volume in 'The Shifters' series, I had hoped the author would write a book about Agent Poe. He is one of the most dedicated and hardworking agents, is a Level 4 agent meaning he works alone, and basically he's a complete and total badass! His special gift is his strength. And it's packed into a five foot tall, leather wearing, Harley riding agent with serious attitude. He may come across to some people as cold, but the truth is he cares very deeply, which is why he exists on little to no sleep and works seven days a week.

Chief Anu, who Poe is convinced might be the mole in their organization leaking information to Arcas, has just sent Poe on a wild goose chase. He wants Poe to locate Nordik, a master shifter whose home lies within several national parks around Wyoming, Montana, and into Canada. Master shifters are very rare, and in fact, Nordik is the only one they even have an idea of where he might be located. Master shifters are said to be almost immortal, and have abilities no one is aware of.

Nordik is nothing like Poe expects. He is centuries old, of Native American descent, and remembers the times before the white man invaded. He's very powerful, has a strong presence, but he's not stuffy. He's charming and gentle when he wants to be, with an intriguing sense of humor. Nordik is equally interested in Poe, for he smells him as his mate, and it's been many years since his last mate died. More than that, though, Nordik recognizes Poe as his soul mate. The father of all master shifters, Merlin, told Nordik that he would find his soul mate one day, and if he lost him he would never get another chance. But Poe can't have a relationship, no matter how envious he's been about others. The Agency forbids it, and the Agency is Poe's life.

"Poe was going to protect him even if that meant Nordik would hate him. His eyes burned again, but he blinked the tears away. He couldn’t fix the problem inside the Agency if he was no longer a part of it. He couldn’t help anyone if he was isolated out here in the wild. While he could too-well imagine himself living out here with Nordik, it wasn’t practical. He had a duty.
Duty was a cold, cold bedmate."

I have a really big dilemma now. Poe and Nordik are running neck and neck as my favorites with Xavier and Josh. I loved this installment, the way the traitor in the Agency was found and taken care of, but mostly I loved seeing Poe and Nordik find each other. I'm a real sucker for a true soul mate connection, and theirs was so evident throughout the story. I'm looking forward to more excitement.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

Hunted Guardian on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


I will readily admit to some trepidation upon beginning 'Hunted Guardian', book seven in M.D. Grimm's 'The Shifter' series. I am not a fan of historicals, never have been, so when I discovered that this installment, and in fact the next one as well, would be set in the past, I was somewhat reluctant. However, I knew that Arcas is looking for some ancient scrolls that will give him a way to eradicate all shifters, so upon reflection it made sense for the author to take me to the beginning.

Quincy was never expected to live, having been born sickly with a lame leg. As an adult he acts as the Guardian of his pack’s manor house and lands, and wishes deep down inside that he could run and hunt with his pack. Quincy is a gentle man, something his pack allows, but he usually hides that side of himself. It is not a good trait to have as a wolf shifter. When Quincy rescues a wounded peregrine falcon from some village boys, it's in his nature to take him home and heal him before setting the poor animal free.

Con has never been treated with such gentleness. In fact, he had no idea there were other shape shifters beside his parents and himself. His parents are dead, killed by the witch who will do anything to get her hands on the scrolls his family have been protecting for years. When he realizes that Countess Blackburn is coming to the manor, probably to seek him out, but possibly, too, because she knows what Quincy and his pack are, Con has no choice but to reveal himself and warn Quincy.

"They were kindred spirits. Both guardians, both understanding the sacrifices, the duties, and responsibilities demanded of them; and even if he’d felt none of that, the simple fact that Con guarded something that could destroy all shape-shifters in the world ensured Quincy would do everything he could to assist him."

The countess tries to bring death and destruction upon Quincy's pack, and almost succeeds at getting her hands on Con. But Quincy is fighting not just for his pack, but for his mate, and nothing is going to stop him.

My reluctance and trepidation were easily won over about halfway through this book. I enjoyed it immensely, and I was thrilled to get more information regarding the scrolls and their reason for coming into being many, many centuries before. I have to continue reading this series, and hope that good will prevail against evil.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

The Serpent and the Angel on Rainbow Book Reviews wrote:


As I mentioned at the beginning of the previous book's review, I am normally not a fan of historicals. However, the period of time the author has written of in 'The Serpent and The Angel' is one I dearly love as it is the time of the Old West in America. A time of lawlessness and passion. A time that left its indelible mark on my country. Since I already knew that two of the scrolls had sunk to the bottom of the ocean during Con and Quincy's trip to the colonies, I was hoping that the author would reveal the location of at least one more scroll during this installment.

I liked Tobias immediately, even though I'm not a huge fan of rattlesnakes. However, when he confronted the owner of the general store about charging the Chinese miners more than the white miners…well, I knew most of what I needed to know about the sheriff right then. Definitely an attitude not well known in the West of the 1860s.

“I only put value in useful people. That’s it. I don’t care if they be Negroes, Chinamen, Injuns, women, purple, orange, or yellow. They got a use, they deserve my protection.”

Tobias was intrigued by the golden man, the nameless man, who showed up in his town. Even more so when the man asked him to name him. Tobias chose Angel Smith, because the man reminded him of the stories about the fierce, golden angels in the bible. Angel found this funny since as a golden eagle, his tribe had often been seen as the messengers between the divine and man.

Unlike other shifters I've encountered who keep their human mind while in their animal form, Tobias doesn't. Tobias, as a rattlesnake, retains almost nothing of his human self in that form, which explains why he's only ever shifted three times in his life. The last two times he managed to retain enough of his humanity to shift back, but it would be remarkably easy to lose himself in the snake. Unfortunately, during a rescue of miners during a cave-in, Tobias is trapped and has no choice but to shift, becoming lost to his snake's instincts. It takes Angel to bring his humanity back.

"He was a guardian. Tobias was a warrior. Was there a chance, even a slight possibility, that Tobias was meant to help him in his mission? Did the spirits have a plan in mind for the both of them? Different tribes, different animals, but both driven from their homes, both searching for meaning. Half-breeds. Skin changers: an eagle and a snake."

Of course, this couldn't be a book in this series if it didn't also include the evil, the former god, coming for Angel and the scroll. In this lifetime it has taken the role of Texas Ranger Silas Black, although it's been many incarnations over the centuries. It wants the power, the worship, the sacrifices it once had, again, and it will stop at nothing to get them.

Another thrilling, exciting, and adventurous journey! It's funny to see how all things come around in a circle sometimes, such as the wind directing Tobias and Angel, and the scroll, to Haven. At least for a while.

DISCLAIMER: Books reviewed on this site were usually provided at no cost by the publisher or author. This book has been provided by Dreamspinner Press for the purpose of a review.

There are a few stories not included in this collection that are part of the series:

Predator and Prey (Book 9)

Shifting Moon (Book 10)

Hearts and Minds (sequel to Healing Minds)

Ghosts of Halloween Past (sequel to Blind Devotion)

Feather and Scroll (Book 11)

Kindred Truths (Book 12)

Coming Soon:

Wisdom's Allegiance (Book 13)

About the Author

M.D. Grimm has wanted to write stories since second grade (kind of young to make life decisions, but whatever) and nothing has changed since then (well, plenty of things actually, but not that!). Thankfully, she has indulgent parents who let her dream, but also made sure she understood she’d need a steady job to pay the bills (they never let her forget it!). After graduating from the University of Oregon and majoring in English, (let’s be honest: useless degree, what else was she going to do with it?) she started on her writing career and couldn’t be happier. Working by day and writing by night (or any spare time she can carve out), she enjoys embarking on romantic quests and daring adventures (living vicariously, you could say) and creating characters that always triumph against the villain, (or else what’s the point?) finding their soul mate in the process.