The Other Tommy

by M.D. Wiselka

The Other Tommy
by M.D. Wiselka
Genre: Young Adult

Bad boy Tommy Caputo has only ever been good at one thing—making a mess of his life.
At fifteen, he ran away from home. At seventeen, he broke the heart of the only girl who ever loved him. At eighteen, he plunged a stolen Aston Martin over a steep seaside cliff at Big Sur, killing himself and the unfortunate girl who tagged along for the ride.
But it isn’t too late for Tommy to make amends.
At least, so Judah Rhodes thinks, when he takes the place of the dead boy, assuming Tommy’s life in the hope of righting the mistakes he’s made in his own.

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About the Author

Writing under the nom de plume M.D. Wiselka, Melinda Wiselka is the oldest of four daughters and one of the numerous descendants of a Polish family who emigrated from Wisła, Poland in 1913 to farm in Big Horn, Wyoming.

Melinda has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Asia over the last decade, visiting, among other places, Warsaw, Poland, the setting of her debut novel, a gay historical romance titled Beautiful to Behold, the first book in the Dark Brethren Series, released in November 2013.

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