The Odd Couple

by BLMorticia

The Odd Couple - BL Morticia
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 156

The Odd Couple is a re-release. The original text has been re-edited. No significant amount of content has been added.

Never tell a book by its cover… or a dilapidated building by what’s inside!

Chase is a slob…

Chase’s bad habits caused his latest boyfriend to run for the hills. Despite his mythical godly appearance and charm, he’s looking for someone new. Intelligent, self-employed, and kinky counts for something right? If only those qualities paid the rent and kept the landlord off his ass.

Micah is a nerd…

Micah has never had a steady boyfriend. Whether it’s his rigorous schedule or neat freak tendencies, no man has been worthy of becoming a partner. Regardless of what anyone says, temporary flings don’t interest Micah. Besides nothing lasting and meaningful comes from one-night stands.

Even the most polar of opposites attract…

After a few dates Micah and Chase are ready for commitment, but Chase’s troubles might slam the door on their happy ever after.

The Odd Couple is a sweet and kinky romantic comedy with two stubborn MC's who are looking for their happy. Expect cum play, rimming, dirty talk, and lots of fluff!

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BLMorticia  pens stories with beautifully flawed characters, steamy romance, snark, and kink

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