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The Loft – Book One

The Loft Series, Book 1

by Elizabeth Lister

The Loft - Elizabeth Lister
Part of the The Loft series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 91
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ISBN: MLR-1-02016-0579
Pages: 91
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ISBN: MLR-1-02016-0579
Pages: 91

When a former acquaintance of James’ becomes involved with a shady character and James’ efforts to help him backfire, Tate decides it is up to him to save the day even if it means putting himself in danger. (Featuring the characters from Elizabeth Lister's The James Lucas Trilogy)

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Publisher: MLR Press
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M, M-M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay, Polyamorous
Protagonist 1 Age: 26-35
Protagonist 2 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 3 Age: 26-35
Tropes: May/December, Rescue, Age Difference, Hurt / Comfort, Menage
Word Count: 17000
Setting: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Chapter One

Sebastian, James and I spent a week together over Christmas, mostly at James’ place, taking advantage of some time off and becoming comfortable with our new arrangement. Sebastian had worked extra shifts for the entire month of December so that he could have the time off after Christmas when the store wouldn’t be busy. James and I had been able to take vacation days. It made the season even more special.

We hadn’t officially come out to our friends and family yet, although some of them had guessed the dynamic already. We were unable to hide our affection for each other. But it didn’t matter after Christmas Day because we spent most of our time indoors, at James’ home, keeping warm in the crisp December weather and looking forward to New Year’s Eve.

“Don’t move,” James whispered in my ear as he clutched a handful of hair, pulling my head back and running his fingers down my chest.


I inhaled sharply, trying to be still. My cock throbbed as I felt my nipple teased, then pinched hard.

“Fuck,” I said, closing my eyes.

Sebastian’s lips surrounded my cock and I cried out again. “Fuck!”

James held me firmly while Sebastian sucked and teased me. I opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling while waves of sensation rippled through my body. James released my nipple and moved his hand to the other one.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he asked, licking the lobe of my ear and pressing his naked erection against my backside.

“Yes. Yes,” I moaned. Are you kidding me? I wanted you to fuck me half an hour ago but you made me wait like you always do…

He released me so suddenly I almost fell. If Sebastian didn’t have such a firm grip on my thighs I would have.

“Sebastian, let him go.”

Sebastian released me so that I found myself standing naked by the bed, my cock wet with spit and visibly throbbing, nipples red and chest heaving. I stared at James, waiting for instruction. I was his puppet and I loved it. He loved it too.

He nodded, a sly smile on his smug face. He knew I would do whatever he asked of me.

“Kneel by the bed and lean forward. Stretch your arms out in front of you.”

I did so while Sebastian watched. My heart thumped excitedly in my chest.

In a moment my wrists were tied together with a leather cord and I felt the soft strands of my favorite flogger gliding across my buttocks. Dammit, he was still making me wait for it. He pulled back and landed a sharp strike to my sensitive skin.

“I thought you were going to fuck me,” I panted, disappointed and so aroused everything he did made my dick ache even more.

“I am. When I’m ready. And when you’re ready,” he said in that calm Dom’s voice he used so well.

“I’m ready.”

“I’ll decide that, Tate, not you. And I’m definitely not ready.”

I couldn’t help but whimper in frustration. I wanted to come and I wanted him inside me before I did. My balls ached for him.

He hit me again, harder this time. I closed my eyes, enjoying the way the pain increased my desire. Flogging was nice. I liked it a lot, but I was so horny at this moment it was torture.

I glanced over to see Sebastian pleasuring himself, his hand pulling at his erect cock, his wide blue eyes on the scene before him. I groaned and closed my eyes, or I’d come from that sight alone.

“Sebastian, why don’t you move closer? You can come if you like,” James said, continuing to flog me in a lazy rhythm.

What? Why does he get to come already? Not fair! But I knew better than to protest.

I felt Sebastian move in beside me and heard his accelerated breathing as his hand moved quicker.

“Are you close?” James asked.

Both Sebastian and I gasped, “Yes!”

“Tate, hold it or you’ll be punished severely. Do you need to safe word?”

“No,” I said quickly, not wanting any of this to stop and trying to maintain control.

“On his back,” James said, and I was confused until I heard Sebastian’s deep groan and felt his hot spunk hit my back in regular spurts. I almost lost it then.

I groaned in envy and squeezed my eyes shut as I wrested for control of my own orgasm. I felt it there waiting, wanting and barely holding off.

Sebastian’s soft moans made my heart swell as much as my dick. I was glad he’d gotten his satisfaction and pleased to be the recipient of his substantial offering. But James still flogged me.

“Please,” I moaned. “Please, Sir.”


“You know what I want.”

“I’ve forgotten. My memory isn’t what it used to be.”

“Fuck me, Sir. I need it.”

“Since when are your needs more important than mine, Tate?”

“And my ass is sore.”


I laughed. He was such a bastard when it came to this sort of thing.

“I’m almost done,” he said, affection in his tone. He did love me and he would fuck me. Soon.

After two more strikes I heard him put the flogger on the dresser.

“Sebastian, get him ready for me.”

“Yes, Sir.”

In a moment Sebastian’s gentle hands were on me, lubing me as he kissed my burning ass cheeks. I whimpered. He slipped a long finger inside me.

“Oh, fuck!” I hissed.

“Oh, that’s nice,” James said. “He likes that.”

I couldn’t deny it. I moaned as Sebastian played with my ass, my cock throbbing, my body trembling. He licked and bit me softly as he fingered me.

“Enough,” James said finally. “Move, please.” I heard the urgency in his voice and realized he had become as desperate to fuck me now as I was to get fucked. Thank the Lord.

In a moment James had entered me, sinking in with a languid ease that made me groan loudly with pleasure.

“That’s nice too,” James said, leaning over me and extending his arms atop mine. I felt his lips on my earlobe again and shivered.

“Uh huh,” I said. “Very nice.” My voice trembled with emotion.

“I wanted to wait so we would both appreciate it. I hate to rush these things.”

“No kidding.”

He chuckled as his cock pulsed inside me but he remained motionless, embedded within me, pinioning me beneath him.

“Oh Tate. You keep me young. You both do.”

This was all very sweet and enjoyable but I was desperate.

“Please, Sir.” – a breathy and sincere plea.

“You’ve got me where you want me. Now what?”

I almost started to cry. He was such a sadist.

“Fuck me, dammit. Hard,” I growled.

“I thought I’d do it gently this time.”

And I did begin to cry. Not from sadness, but from frustration, need and love as he began to gently move inside me and against me.

“Sweet boy,” he murmured as he began to soothe the ache inside me. “I love the way you feel.”

And the tears continued to fall as he fucked me, even as he moved into the rhythm I so desperately needed. He knew the way I liked it.

“Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck! James!” I moaned as he quickly took me to the pinnacle and dropped me with one perfectly timed thrust.

I screamed as my dick exploded and my body took over, plunging me into wave after wave of exquisite sensation. I heard James shout above me as he reached his own release.

Then I blacked out.


When I came to I found myself staring at two very handsome, anxious faces.

“Hey,” I murmured blissfully.

“Are you all right?” James asked, brushing the damp hair from my forehead. “You must have passed out.”

“You fucked me into oblivion, Sir.” I said, only half joking.

He stared at me for a moment then smiled. “I’d apologize but you seem to have enjoyed it. Are you sure you’re all right, Tate?”

“Well, I could use a drink.”

Sebastian handed me a glass of water as I sat up. The room spun a little.

“You’re very pale.” James observed.

“Bet my ass isn’t.”

“Probably not. I’ll draw you a bath.”

He got up and went into the ensuite. Soon I heard the water running and felt a profound sense of peace wash over me. I looked at Sebastian.

“I’m fine, Sebastian. It was really intense, that’s all.”

He seemed to believe me. “When did you last eat?”

“Um…” When did I last eat? That was a good question. I’d come home from work to two horny men and had no doubt skipped lunch earlier. Yes, that was the problem. “Breakfast?”

“Breakfast! What the hell, Tate. No wonder you’re a bit off.” He got up and went to join James.

Uh oh. Now there’d be trouble.

They came out of the bathroom looking pissed off.

“What? I didn’t skip lunch on purpose. I had a lot of work to do. And then you guys didn’t exactly offer me a snack. I mean, an edible one. I mean, well, you know what I mean.”

James sat down beside me. “If your ass wasn’t already red I’d take a paddle to it. If I’d known you were hungry…”

I took another drink of my water. “I wasn’t really thinking about food once I got home. I’m fine.”

“I know you’re fine. But you did give us a scare.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right. Now put on my robe and go make yourself a sandwich before the water gets cold.”

“Yes, Sir.”

After I’d eaten and lay soaking in the warm tub while James tidied up the bedroom and Sebastian loaded the dishwasher, I reminisced on what it meant to be living with these men. It meant that sometimes, healthy nutrition got bypassed for more urgent things, sure. But it also meant I had two people who cared enough to look after me when that happened. Hell, to even notice. I felt cherished and cared for and well-fucked. And that was the best feeling in the world.

Reviews:'Nathan Burgoine on 'Nathan Burgoine wrote:

Revisiting the trio from the James Lucas Trilogy was like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes (okay, maybe more like a comfortable leather harness), I slipped right into this novella.

When a former acquaintance of James’ becomes involved with a shady character and James’ efforts to help him backfire, Tate decides it is up to him to save the day even if it means putting himself in danger.

So Tate makes a couple of mistakes in this short novella, and from there the whole narrative spins forward. One: he allows himself a moment of jealousy when he sees a former client of James’ Loft days speaking with James with an obviously close confidence. That threatens Tate in a way his already polyamorous relationship doesn’t, and it’s from there the stage is set for his ever-increasing well-meaning but bad choices.

When Tate learns James’ old friend is in a troubling and potentially dangerous relationship, he dives into the situation without a lot of forethought, and of course ends up in danger himself.

What Lister does with these three characters is magic on a couple of levels. On the one hand, Lister does her research. Be it consent, contracts, kink of any kind (and there are some rarely seen kinks in this piece—sounding, anyone?), I have never found even a shred of fault in the depiction, which always walks the perfect example of “safe and sane.”

Two, the intersection of these three characters with very different points of view balances the queer mentality really, really well. These men live and breathe and exist in very different circles (I love that Lister writes a character who is involved in the church as well as a character who wants nothing to do with religion), have different ages and life experiences, and have formed a unit that’s strong without making the parts feel weaker alone.

Features the characters from The James Lucas Trilogy.

About the Author

I am a wife and mom living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I started writing gay erotic romance in 2010 and my first book, Exposure, was published June 2011. The first book in my The James Lucas Trilogy, Beyond the Edge, received an Honorable Mention from the NLA-I for excellence in SM/Leather/Fetish writing.