The Lady Knight’s Cursed Princess

Lady Knights of Elergard #1

by Eloise Sumner

The Lady Knights - Eloise Sumner
Part of the Lady Knights of Elergard series:
  • The Lady Knight's Cursed Princess
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

Sir Adriana Bradshawe is the newest Knight of Elergard, and the first woman to be knighted. While the 'sacred' first task of most knights is to fetch lake water or flowers, she has been given the quest of tracking down an obscure gem that she has never heard about.

Princess Bonissima Gemma of Araewen was cursed to be locked in a tower by her asshole father and some asshole warlock. She's been waiting five years for a knight to rescue her, and biding her time by reading her way through the many, many books in the tower.

When Sir Adriana climbs the tower and rolls into the bedroom of the cursed Princess Bonnie, neither are what the other expected. But neither are objecting.

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About the Author

Eloise enjoys listening to classical music on repeat while writing stories that all fit into one category: happy lesbians with paranormal elements. From westerns to medieval to contemporary urban fantasy, with dinosaurs, fallen angels, and lady knights, Eloise is an ardent fan of non-tragic WLW stories.