The Kayan’s Mage

by Jess Buffett

The Kayan's Mage - Jess Buffett - Hunter Clan
Part of the Hunter Clan series:
  • The Kayan's Mage
Pages: 126

Sawyer McLeod lost his family and his entire Guild, except his twin, seven years ago. Now almost twenty-one, he is coming to the age to receive his abilities as a Mage. Unfortunately there are others who will stop at nothing to see the brothers don’t survive that long.

When Jake Hunter, Kayan for a Clan of Wolf Shifters living in Australia, finally finds his true-mate, he doesn’t expect it to be in the midst of a brutal attack. Through omissions of truth, misunderstandings, and fear, Jake struggles to prove to Sawyer that he can trust him.

When Sawyer is finally willing to give Jake a chance, a ghost from the past returns to destroy everything they have built together. Will they be able to overcome the foe long thought gone, or will it be the end for the Kayan’s Mage?

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“Come to the new club, you said. It’ll be fun, you said…I’m not really feelin’ it, Riley,” Sawyer McLeod muttered to his brother.

One of these days he was really going to stop listening to that brother of his. Really, any day now. Shame he should have started yesterday.

His twin, Riley, had always had a knack for getting them into one scrape or another, but to his credit not even Sawyer had seen this coming. The group of men who were currently backing them into a corner were twice their size and just as drunk, looking more than ready to start something. The fact that their so-called best friend, Elijah, was standing with the men and encouraging them was a real kicker as well.


Sawyer was still reeling from seeing their former friend walk toward the group of men. He had thought the man had lost his mind, until Elijah had turned back, pointing his finger in their direction, and informed the men that they were the ones the group had been waiting for. Elijah had been the only friend they had, not having stayed too long in the one spot, and watching him betray them like that had felt like a knife in the gut to Sawyer. He had never had a reason not to trust the other man though. Even Elijah suggesting parking in this lot, which was situated further away from the club they were headed to, hadn’t set off any of his usual alarms. Jeez, I must be losing my touch.

“Eli, I don’t know what’s going on, but you need to stop this. Please,” he pleaded, his voice shaking toward the end.

“Why would I want to do that?” Elijah frowned. “Things are going exactly like they should.”

“What things?”

“You and your brother. You’re supposed to be dead, and now you will be.” Elijah made the claim as if Sawyer should have known that. “We can’t have your kind running around and multiplying.”

An icy knot formed in the pit of his stomach. Your kind? Did he know what they were? How? They were always so careful. His heart sank as Elijah’s words truly registered. He was right, they should be dead, and the fact that Elijah knew that could only mean one thing. They had been found.

Sweeping his gaze over the dimly lit lot in desperate hope of finding a way out, Sawyer noticed it was almost empty of cars. As the three large men at the front stepped forward, closing in on them, he became more aware than ever that there was no way anyone would hear a call for help from here. Even if they did, chances were it would be ignored. Life in the city.

The sounds of gravel shuffling under his feet echoed through his ears as they were backed up against the metal fence. Sawyer’s heart was beating so loudly and frantically that he was surprised he could hear anything else. Risking a quick glance at his brother, he saw his own fear mirrored in Riley’s icy blue eyes. It amazed him, even at times like this, that their eyes were the only physical difference between them, Riley’s being blue, whereas Sawyer’s were green.

Struggling to keep himself calm, at least on the outside, he tried to figure out a way of getting them past the three gigantors, then Elijah and the others. There was also another twenty metres to where their car had been parked. No problem, right?

“Com’ere, blondie,” the middle man slurred, his body swaying as he spoke. Sawyer could smell the pungent scent of stale alcohol from where he stood and shivered in revulsion when the man’s eyes raked over him. Worse still was when the man cupped his crotch and licked his lips like they were some sort of delicious meal he couldn’t wait to dig into. God, he was going to be sick.

Riley reached over and gripped Sawyer’s hand tight. He could feel the tremors running through his brother’s body, but he was hiding it well. While they may have had a slight advantage since neither he nor his brother was human, these men were big and outnumbered them. And if Elijah knew what Sawyer and Riley were, he also knew how old they were and that they wouldn’t have their abilities yet. Prime pickings.

“Seems they think they’re too good for us, Bear,” the one to Bear’s left chuckled. He took a step forward, and Sawyer couldn’t contain the whimper of fear that passed his lips even as he stepped sideways to place himself in front of his twin.

“Well now, Tiger, we’ll just have to change their minds. Won’t we, blondie?” sneered Bear.

Really, Tiger and Bear! Who were these guys, the rejects from an L. Frank Baum novel? Sawyer was just waiting for the guy on the right to pipe up and announce to the class that his name was Lion. If they were shifters, maybe he’d get it.

Wait, scrap that. Not even shifters would be that corny.

From behind him, he heard Riley mutter, “Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my.”

A snigger slipped past Sawyer’s lips, clearly indicating that his self-preservation wasn’t kicking in. Both of them had always found the most inappropriate things amusing when they were scared, and unfortunately for them, Bear didn’t seem to appreciate their particular brand of humour. No one ever did.

A fist collided with the side of his head, blindsiding him and knocking him to the ground. From where he fell, Sawyer shoved at Riley, moaning for him to run. Somewhere to his left he heard Riley scream his name, but there was nothing he could do but draw their attention, giving his brother a chance to escape as another hard kick landed in his stomach. That was going to leave a mark. Managing to regain his footing, Sawyer blocked the next hit, following it up with a right hook of his own. His fist collided with the man’s temple and the guy went down with a grunt. All those years they had spent on the street were paying off, and by the look on Elijah’s face, he hadn’t been prepared for that. A small sliver of satisfaction ran through Sawyer. The arsehole hadn’t expected on him fighting back, which meant he didn’t know Sawyer as well as he thought he did.

“That’s right, bitch. This twink fights back,” he spat out.

Reviews:Madam Aus on Mrs Condit & Friends Read Books wrote:

"It’s refreshing for me to see a shifter novel set in my own home town. It’s good to be able to see in my mind’s eye where they travel and where they go, and where important events occur. It doesn’t make much difference to my overall enjoyment, just the thrill of being in the same space as the author was when they set the scene. Firstly this is number one of the Hunter Clan series and there are already five out so,if you get them, like me, you can (Paraphrasing Dory here) just keep reading, reading, reading…. There is a lot we ask of the first in a series, even if it is loosely bound together one, which this is not. There is establishment of the world, the rules (or at least the basic ones) that govern the characters and the world they inhabit, especially in a paranormal, the MC’s plus the upcoming MC’s, the family relationships, the inhabitants and the ‘secrecy’ level. The Kayan’s Mage is a strong start to this series and Jess Buffett has done well, showing us all of the above whilst not taking away from Sawyer and Jake’s story, setting up the following romances and give us a strong foundation in the Alpha couple. She also does great banter… And if you have never read any of my reviews before I need to tell you I am such a sl#t for good banter. Riley, Sawyer’s twin, is the queen of sarcasm and dry black humour and I think we might have been separated at birth. Jess writes with such a dry sense of humour and a lovely sense of the absurd and I thought the story and the series arc was beautifully weaved , the threads of which were left for the next book without a hugely dramatic cliffhanger, which was nice and could be jarring if not done well. The story, though short, has tension constantly building with the upcoming threat to the paranormal community, but takes place over the space of a couple of months. So whilst we go through the main action and gloss over the normal day to day stuff it doesn’t take away from the flow of the main story, it in fact enhances it. The instalove, paranormal in origin, actually suits a book of this length, there is the no muss, no questioning does he like me or not, so some angst .. gone…. Although these two actually take time to get to know each other, which delays the hardcore action until later, it is kinda nice. What we do get, lovin wise, is really hot… big smiley face here! I really loved this first book and really all the ones that followed, join me in enjoying the Hunter Clan."

Pixie on MM Good Book Reviews wrote:

"This is an incredible beginning to a brand new series from a brand new author. Sawyer has been running with his twin Riley for seven years. Hiding and dodging from those that hunt them, until they are betrayed by one they call a friend. Being rescued by wolf shifters doesn’t create much trust, but finding his mate has Sawyer wanting to believe that he is now safe. Jake is trying to have a relaxing evening with his friends, when they come across a young man being attacked. Discovering that the man is his mate is shocking, but discovering why his mate was attacked means they all have to be on guard. Getting Sawyer to trust him isn’t easy, especially when Jake hides the truth. But, danger lurks and they have to pull together to protect their family. Well, this story is a great start to a series and I can’t wait for other books by Jess Buffett. This story is filled with enough background that you never feel lost. The history is explained early on and you get a good idea how the Guilds and Clans are formed. The story is very interesting and is woven really well. The flash back to the past is informative and makes your heart bleed a little and the characters are brilliant. Jake is Kayan (alpha) of his pack and although he has the typical alpha tendencies, it is also tempered by his acceptance of Sawyer’s abilities. Sawyer might look like a twink, but he knows how to handle himself. He isn’t a pushover and makes his feelings known. Riley is a wonderful brother and is a joy to meet. He has a spunky attitude and will let you know in sarcastic tones that he is unhappy. While some of you might moan about insta-mates, this story handles it perfectly because although the connection is strong between Jake and Sawyer, they wait to actually mate and there isn’t much angst in their relationship, keeping all the tension for the enemies from the past. Although there is hot sex, it doesn’t litter the pages and isn’t in inappropriate situations so you can enjoy the storyline and the relationship in equal measure. I really am looking forward to Riley’s story in Riley’s Vampire Prince because Riley and Caleb clash right at the end of this story. I will recommend this story to those that adore paranormal, the past rearing its ugly head, a great storyline, wonderful characters, hot sex, a well-paced mating and a happily ever after."

About the Author

Jess Buffett was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. Jess is a mum of two, married to her high school sweetheart. She is a hopeless romantic who is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance with a happy ending—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be Shifters, Vampires, Cowboys, or the boy next door. A caffeine addict who shamefully can’t make a decent cup of coffee to save her life, Jess believes in soul mates, happily ever afters, and in love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third for the brain to catch up.

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