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The Incorrigible & The Count


by Zakarrie Clarke

The Incorrigible & the Count - Zakarrie C
Part of the Duke & Dandy series:
Editions:Kindle - first: £ 99.00 GBP
Pages: 213

Twelvemonth or more stalking a certain stretch of road had reaped far more than Raff of the Rookeries counted upon. Far more than Camillo could afford to want, Padraic. A man for whom the term Rum Duke might have been coined. As inimitable as he was impossible—for whom Raff had done the inconceivable—unmasked himself. He had not planned on revealing far too much for comfort; his jealously guarded sister, Lady Lotte Ferretti. Raff’s fears proved unfounded, but their ‘friendship’ survived his fury. Whether it could survive the scrutiny of Society and a law that made love a crime, was quite another story... Its plot? As incorrigible as the miscreant who cooked it up.

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About the Author

After moving to London at eighteen and flitting about for far too long, Zakarrie settled, as blissy as can be, by the sea. ‘Twas here that her castaway dreams resurfaced and she began to write. A lot…after realizing that she finally felt able to allow her innermost self a voice. In truth, her books are better at being her than she's ever been. Her one hope now is that someone, somewhere, will enjoy the misadventures of her miscreants as much as she adores writing them.

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