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The Hockey Player’s Snow Day

by Jeff Adams

The Hockey Player's Snow Day - Jeff Adams
Part of the Hockey Hearts series:

Being stranded in the middle of nowhere is not how I planned on spending my vacation. With a snowstorm on the way, I’m lucky to find a cabin—its owner an adorkable nerd that I find completely irresistible. As we settle in to wait out the storm, I feel that this kind, shy novelist just might be worth getting to know better.

I need the quiet serenity of my place in the woods to write the books my readers love. That solitude is upended when a handsome stranger knocks on my door—a man hot enough to be the hero in one of my books. I guess a short break from my latest manuscript wouldn’t hurt.

With each other for company, the cold winter nights just got a whole lot cozier.

The Hockey Player’s Snow Day is a feel-good story, featuring snow angels, grilled cheese, hot cider and two heroes secure enough to admit to each other their love of romance novels.

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About the Author

Jeff Adams loves hockey, musicals, and watching a good dance—so much so he often incorporates those things into his stories. Speaking of stories, creating new adventures and characters is a blast. Who he loves most, though, is his husband of twenty years, Will. You can see Jeff's complete book list at and you can listen to him weekly as the co-host of the Big Gay Fiction Podcast and the Big Gay Author Podcast.