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The Healer’s Alpha

Lyesti Alliance Series 2

by VM Sanford

The Healer's Alpha - V.M. Sanford - Lyesti Alliance
Part of the Lyesti Alliance Series series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD

Alex is his pack's alpha, and he’s always known he’d need to bond with a woman and produce an heir to someday take his place. It would be an easy thing to do—if he weren’t in love with Lonnie, the pack healer. They've been friends since they were kids, but Alex has wanted more for years. He's kept it to himself because it made his life easier, and because he didn't want to lose their friendship.

Lonnie has been in love with Alex since they were kids, but he knows Alex doesn't feel the same way. He's had enough girlfriends to prove it, and Lonnie knows he'll have to watch the man he loves bond with one of the women Alex's mother keeps pushing at him, both to keep the pack happy and to produce an heir. That's why he's always kept what he feels to himself—there's no sense in ruining their friendship, not for a dream that will never come true.

Lonnie starts dating Casvain, one of the fey warriors in charge of Zal's protection, and it changes everything. Alex finally realizes he'll lose Lonnie if he doesn't tell him he loves him, and it's the last thing he wants. To his surprise, Lonnie loves him too, but it doesn't mean everything is suddenly rainbows and sunshine in their lives. Casvain is behaving strangely, and when both Lonnie and Zal disappear, Alex knows he needs to find them. Will he be in time, or will he lose one of them—or both?

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About the Author

V.M Sanford has been writing about the paranormal since he was a child but decided to give publishing a try only in his thirties.

He found out he likes writing about more than wolf shifters and already has several plot bunnies lined up, waiting for him to write their books.

He’s lived all over Europe and enjoys cats, ice hockey and reading biographies of kings and queens. He finally decided to come out as a transgender man, at least to his readers.

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