The Gentleman and the Rogue

by Summer Devon

Lad from the streets meets lord of the manor. Both men’s lives will be changed forever.

When Sir Alan Watleigh goes searching for sex, he never imagines the street rat he brings home for one last bit of pleasure in his darkest hour will be the man who hauls him back from the edge of the grave. Despite his harsh life in the slums of London, Jem is a bright, cheerful young man. He’s also witty, irreverent, glib, and makes Alan laugh--a rare occasion since war time trauma and the death of his family have made the man a ghost of his former self.

A single night of meaningless sex turns into an offer of permanent employment. Jem acts as Alan’s valet, but offers him so much more than polished boots and starched cravats. Just as the men are adjusting to their new living arrangement, news about a former soldier under his command sends Sir Watleigh and Jem on the road to save a child in danger.

The journey brings them closer together as they travel from lust toward love. They rescue the girl from the clutches of an insane surgeon, who is as interested in experimenting on the vulnerable human spirit as he is on physical bodies. Alan realizes his love for Jem when he nearly loses him, but is Alan’s love strong enough to risk society discovering the truth about him? And is he strong enough to finally accept his sexual identity?

A Passionate Plume and Rainbow Books winner

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Reviews:on Rainbow Reviews:

To say I enjoyed every moment ofthis story is putting it mildly. The authors have to be congratulated in bringing to life some wonderfully drawn characters and vividly recalling a time in London's history with atmospheric authenticity.

on The Romance Reviews:

Their romance starts as purely sexual and burns up the pages but as the men grow to care for each other their relationship adds an emotional intensity that I loved.

on Jessewave:

It's a really compact, solid story with a lot going on: good servants, bad servants, loyalty to dead troops,riding lessons, a road trip... it's amazing how much it contains.

About the Author

Summer Devon is the alter ego of Kate Rothwell who also writes under her own name. Summer writes m/m romances of all sorts, including some with Bonnie Dee.