The Games We Play

by Mark C. Wade

The Games We Play - Mark C. Wade - The Gallagher Files
Part of the Detective Gallagher series:
  • The Games We Play
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: B07YYH1943
Pages: 205

Second Chances are Rare

And Henry Gallagher somehow got two.

Henry used to be the best detective out there. Now he's all washed up after a horrible incident with some people he was investigating.

When the top player of an online game is killed right before the big money tournament, Henry gets one more chance to solve a case and make a comeback.

Oh, yeah. And the sexy police chief was an old fling, but it's unclear if they're enemies, friends, or lovers as they both work to solve the case.

Problem: Henry has never played the game.

And worse: the person that hires him is the prime suspect, the new top player. Henry can't shake the feeling she's as good at playing him as she is at playing the game.

This comedic romance has elements of classic noir detective, cyberpunk, and light bondage/dominance play.

Note: There are heavy video game elements.

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About the Author

Mark has always been the oddball. He openly read romance novels in high school, and somehow never got mocked for it. His parents once told him to go to more parties, because all that reading couldn't be healthy for his social life.

Well, they were right. But he still found his HEA with his husband and Old English Sheepdog. They like to go on long walks in the Connecticut countryside or just hang out by the pond with a glass of wine.

Now he has his dream job, and he couldn't be happier to bring all of you the strange fantasies floating in his head.

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