The Fallen Angel and the Mechanic

by Eloise Sumner

The Fallen Angel and the Mechanic - Eloise Sumner
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99

Caroline Grahm is a recently-graduated mechanic who is working hard to save up for certifications needed to open her own garage. Wanting as many shifts as she can get, she is frequently scheduled for graveyard-shift on-site tows.

Remy is a fallen angel who has been on Earth for twenty-four days now. She spends her day as a construction worker, and many of her nights fighting with an underground boxing ring.

When a bitter opponent disables Remy's car, Caroline arrives to find an attractive but heavily bruised woman. Caroline doesn't have the time to ask after her, not until the next night, when the unpleasant — and dangerous — circumstances of Remy's situation escalate.


About the Author

Eloise enjoys listening to classical music on repeat while writing stories that all fit into one category: happy lesbians with paranormal elements. From westerns to medieval to contemporary urban fantasy, with dinosaurs, fallen angels, and lady knights, Eloise is an ardent fan of non-tragic WLW stories.