The Enchanter’s Pearls

Shinoda Monogatari Book 2

by Paula O'Keefe

The Enchanter's Pearls - Paula O'Keefe
Editions:Paperback: $ 8.95
Pages: 263

The mecha invasion of Shinoda Forest was thwarted by the Fox Queen's army and the sacrifice of brave souls both human and youkai. But though peace reigns, an old enemy's plans are revealed.  Lady Koi gathers her forces - the kitsune prince Komori, his catboy true love Shao, Shao's brother Yue, and the dragon samurai Tsukiryuu - to mount an assault on Lord Yen's palace and rescue captives held  for three hundred years. Meanwhile Lady Songsoon struggles to establish herself as ruler of Kimeji and erase the evil powers raised by the mecha master Lord Ming. What shadowy forces will they face, what old hatreds must they overcome, and what will they have to face within themselves?

Reviews:Jennifer Sneed on wrote:

I really enjoyed this second book in the series. It was a little shorter, but that may have been the smaller font. A truly enjoyable read, and I can't wait for the next one! The ending to this one really intrigued me!

Dee on wrote:

Very well written. Interesting and engaging characters with a beautiful story line. Very vivid Imagery. A Book that was very easy to " fall into".

About the Author

Paula Jacqueline O'Keefe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves movies, cats, coffee, Godzilla, forests, ball-jointed dolls, world mythology, and too many anime series to name. When not involved with writing, conventions, museums, dollmaking, sewing, or any of the above obsessions, she likes to sleep. She began writing at the age of twelve, discovered National Novel Writing Month 44 years later, and wrote her first novel, The Assassin's Flute, in 2011.  The Shinoda Monogatari series now comprises four novels with a fifth and sixth on the way.

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