The Eloquent Jock

by Cassandra Carr

The Eloquent Jock - Cassandra Carr
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

Originally released as part of the Campus Cravings bundle in 2014, now available as a stand-alone novella complete with BRAND-NEW 4,000+ word, 11-page short story. Hockey jock and English Lit major Brendan knows he’s gay, but hasn’t come out to anyone, fearing a possible backlash. Then he’s tapped to be a TA for a hot professor and feels an immediate connection. Now he must decide how much he’s willing to risk to score the ultimate goal.

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Reviews:Mari on Bayou Book Junkie wrote:

I liked this story, I think Brendan and Scott worked well together, once both of them decided to give it a try. They had chemistry and had many things in common, which I liked. I loved Tyler, Brendan's roommate and best friend, and I loved seeing a cameo of Edwin and Ollie from Winning Bracket by Annabeth Albert. All in all, it was an enjoyable read.

About the Author

I've been writing my whole life, and have been published since March 2011. I'm lucky to have an incredibly supportive husband named Inspiration who brings home the bacon so I can stay home and fry it (and eat it all before he's able to fight through the rush hour traffic - I'm mean that way, but like I always say, don't get between a woman and her bacon).

I live in Western New York with Inspiration and our young daughter, Too Cute for Words. I write in a variety of genres, pairings, and heat levels, so there's something for everyone, and more than one dozen sites have named my books "Top Picks" or "5 Star Reads".