The Dreamer They Forgot

by M.D. Brady

Sam Scott's dreams have all come true. He owns a successful nightclub, has a boyfriend he loves and a great home they've created together.

Or so Sam thinks. When temptation starts to lure his boyfriend away from him, what lengths will Sam go to in order to hold onto his dreams? And what happens if the cost is just too high?

As Sam's relationship falls apart and his dreams begin to crumble, he has to venture out and restart his life with some surprising and risqué results.

At each step, Sam's attempts to rebuild his dreams are challenged by factors outside of his control and the unpredictable, inevitable nature of life.

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Publisher: Independently Published
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 4
Character Identities: Gay
Tropes: Bad Breakup, Married Life, Second Chances
Word Count: 30000
Languages Available: English

Escape to your dreams.
An enormous smile blossomed over Sam’s face each and every time he stood outside the club he had created. In fact, he smiled inside the club as well; or in the café section, or the stockroom, or the office, or the corridors linking them all together, even in the toilets.
  It’s mine, he mused. My dream.
  ‘Escape to your dreams’ had been the strapline he’d used in the advertising for the re-launch and in the last few weeks business had steadily increased.
The club’s sign ‘Escape’ hung above the windows of the café section in huge grey metal letters, whilst the club section had a set of large steel doors off to the side for access during the evening and into the night.
It was just below the sign that Sam Scott stood, gazing in pride as he did every morning. He took a small step back to take in the full vista of the front of the building.
Next to the club section


s doors was an immaculately restored brickwork façade that ran the length of the building and round the right hand side to one of the fire exits.
Between them was the entrance to the café with its welcoming wooden doors and framed windows adorned with overflowing flower baskets, designed to appeal to clientele during the daytime and invite them in to relax and pass the hours away in a friendly sanctuary.
An abrupt sound of a horn jerked Sam from his revelry and he swung around to see a small truck pulling up on the roadside behind him.
It was then he realised that in his self-admiration he’d stepped off the kerb and into the road.
The truck came to a halt and the sound of the handbrake creaking on accompanied Sam as he stepped back onto the pavement and greeted the driver.
“Morning Jim”, he said cheerily as the hefty driver climbed out of the cab.
“Mr Scott”, Jim the Driver replied with a grin. “Planning on getting run over today?”
“No, no, sorry my fault”, Sam acknowledged. “My mind was elsewhere”.
Sam watched as Jim went round the back of the truck and swung open the left door. He followed to see the hold stacked full of crates of wine, beer, spirits and everything a well stocked bar should have.
“Where do you want them?” Jim asked as he began to lift out the crates labeled up for delivery to Escape.
“Just inside, by the bar please”, Sam answered. “Can I give you a hand?”
“So long as you don’t think it gets you a discount”, Jim chuckled back.
Sam reached forward and picked up a box of wine bottles. He regretted the time away from the gym that the bar’s refurbishment had demanded as he huffed his way towards the café entrance with the heavy goods.
His regret intensified as he followed Jim inside and caught the striking T-shape that Jim’s broad shoulders and back made.
Sam’s eyes couldn’t help but move down the base of the T-shape to where Jim’s arse filled out a pair of tight denim jeans. He was a hulk of a man with his clothes seemingly painted onto his muscular frame and Sam was always happy to help unload the van.
As they passed through the café towards the bar, Sam smiled to some of his regulars as they sat sipping on their lattes and nibbling on cakes at the delicately ornate wooden tables and chairs that wouldn’t have been out of place at a wedding reception.
“Mmm mmm, is that heavy load for me, Honey?”
The gentle voice that posed the question came from behind the bar.
“Laih…” Sam cautioned his barman.
“What can I say”, Laih began with a grin. “When a man comes towards me looking like that, I get a little hot under the collar…and the cuffs”.
Jim playfully grunted more enthusiastically than the effort required as he placed the crate onto the bar in front of Laih.
Sam watched as the wispy figure with long mousey-brown hair stepped purposefully out from the bar to stand directly in front of Jim.
Laih’s black t-shirt had one of his self designed slogans on the front; this one read in simple white lettering: ‘We can take it fast or take it slow’, and as he turned to pretend to move the box Sam saw the punch line on the back ‘As long as you take me twice”.
“Are you gonna help me put that in the back?” Laih quizzed Jim.
Sam arrived in time to place his own box down loudly as Jim smiled at Laih.
“I reckon you can handle that one on your own with those guns”.
Laih clucked his tongue and ran a finger softly along Jim’s left forearm.
“Oh it’s not my guns that need the attention”, Laih purred back.
To his credit, Jim took Laih’s hand in his own and slowly lifted it to his lips where he planted a gentle kiss before releasing it.
“Maybe next time”, Jim grinned before turning around to head back to his truck.
Laih took the couple of steps needed to stand next to Sam as they both watched Jim walking away.
“He says that every time”.
“Yes”, Sam started. “And one of these times you’re going to get us slapped with a sexual harassment claim”.
“Oh but it would be worth it to slap that ass”, Laih laughed, eyes fixed on Jim’s rear as it bobbed away.
“Yes it would”, Sam said quietly before he realised he’d spoken.
Laih was never one to miss an opportunity and he turned to speak with Sam.
“Am I detecting a hint of sexual frustration from my oh so benevolent boss?”
“It’s been a while, let’s just leave it at that”, Sam answered as he picked up the box and took it through to the storeroom behind the bar.
He heard Laih’s footsteps on the wooden floor following him.
“You have a handsome man waiting at home for you every night and expect me to believe it’s ‘been a while’?
Inwardly sighing at sharing too much, Sam turned and looked back to Laih.
“Being there isn’t the same as being present”, he said.
“Oh now you sound like one of his textbooks”, Laih quipped. “You need to get him out from under those books and back under you”.
At that, Sam couldn’t help but laugh.
“Maybe”, he conceded.
“Absolutely”, Laih continued. “Do you think I stay this svelte through diet alone. No, no, no – regular and rigorous bedroom exercise”.
“Oh my god”, Sam laughed. “Do you ever stop?”
“Not until the money runs out, Honey”, Laih finished and turned away to go back to the bar.
Sam let his words circle through his mind and wondered if it could really be that simple.


The next morning, having arrived home late and climbed into bed beside an already deep in slumber Kristan, Sam decided to break the slump his bedroom life had been in and test the simplicity of Laih’s advice.
He hoisted himself up to a sitting position and looked down at the resting face of his boyfriend.
Kristan Burke had a chiseled face with the hint of soft golden stubble, and his wavy chestnut hair lay flat. Though his eyes were closed, Sam knew Kristan was starting to wake as he watched one hand tug the sheets up over his head.
“It’s time to get up”, Sam began his play with a gentle voice.
“Just five more minutes”, Kristan murmured from beneath the covers in a gravelly voice.
“You’ll be late for school”, Sam teased and heard a little snigger in response from Kristan.
“You’ve been saying that for six years”, Kristan said. “My answer is still the same”.
Sam smiled to the room. It was true that had been one of his favourite lines to Kristan in the mornings when they’d first got together. Of course, back then it was because Kristan would be late for his university lecture, now it was because he’d be late to teach his own class at the local College.
The response Kristan alluded to then had been funny yet frustrating.
“I do not sound like your mother”, Sam replied.
“Well, you walk like her”, Kristan scoffed.
Sam swiftly slapped where he knew Kristan’s arse was beneath the covers.
"Hey”, he heard Kristan yelp.
“It’ll be a lot worse if you don’t get out of bed”.
With that, Sam moved to the next phase of his plan and got up from their bed and headed into the small ensuite shower room to wash his face and shake off the last remnants of his own slumber.
He looked into the mirror at his short black hair with it’s bed-head look and the beginnings of a beard he’d need to shave either tonight or tomorrow to stop it growing out more than he cared for.
Then he glanced down at his stomach and remembered when it used to be flat. Now there were the beginnings of love handles he wished could be shaved off as easily as his stubble.
Pushing aside those thoughts he gargled some mouthwash and looked back into the bedroom where he watched Kristan stretching out still under the sheets and his feet popped out the bottom.
He spat out the minty liquid, dried his face and ever so quietly moved back to the base of their bed.
He leaned down and grazed the balls of Kristan’s feet with his fingers in a soft, swaying motion.
“You know I’m not ticklish”, Kristan playfully grumbled.
“Not on your feet anyway”, Sam responded with a snigger. “You’re going to be late”.
He watched Kristan recall his feet out of Sam’s reach. “They won’t even notice I’m not there”.
“Kristan”, Sam chided, ready to move things forward.
“Sam”, Kristan mocked back at him.
“I don’t want to have to tell you again”, he said in a stern and final tone.
Kristan giggled. “Now you really do sound like my mother”.
“Ok mister, I warned you”.
Before Kristan had a chance to grab them, Sam whipped the sheets off the bed and they fell to the floor. Sam gazed at his boyfriend spread out on their bed, naked save a pair of black briefs.
He moved his eyes up along the slender legs with their dusting of golden hair, past the black underwear where he saw the impression of Kristan’s dick nestled inside, continued up the slim torso where a thin trail of hair blossomed out over his chest and rested on Kristan’s blue/green eyes that glowered up at him.
“Dammit, Sam that’s not fair”.
“It’s eight, you and I both know if you stay in bed any longer, you won’t be there on time for all those students to give you an apple”, Sam grinned back.
“You do realise that doesn’t actually happen don’t you”.
“And do you realise”, Sam began, taking his opportunity to crawl onto the bed and straddle Kristan’s waist. “That this delaying tactic of yours stopped working about five and a half years ago”.
Their eyes locked, Sam saw Kristan relent as he let out a gentle sigh.
“I’m sick”, he pretended. “Can’t you write me a note?”
“Oh I’m sure the Dean would love that. ‘Dear Ms. Andrews, please can you excuse my partner Kristan Burke from lessons today only he’s too lazy to get out of bed. Signed, Sam Scott’”
Kristan’s expression turned completely serious. “That’s not funny”.
“Yeah it is, you just don’t like admitting that I’m funnier than you”.
Kristan pushed himself up into a sitting position that brought their bodies closer together.
“You are not funnier than me”, he said as Sam felt the skin of their stomachs brush together.
“Yes I am”, Sam whispered, their faces only centimetres apart. “Why don’t you get up?”
“Why don’t you come back to bed”, Kristan purred, placing his hands around Sam and tracing a line down Sam’s back.
Sam arched slightly into Kristan’s touch – it was working perfectly.
“Because I have work to get to, we both do”, he said, hoping it sounded like he meant it.
“You’re always at work, don’t you want to have a morning in bed like we used to?”
He suddenly wondered if he’d gone too far as he watched a familiar sullen expression crease Kristan’s face. He shouldn’t have said what he said next, but Sam couldn’t stop himself.
“What I want is to make the bar work, you know that. Time to get up”.
He knew Kristan resented the time it had taken to get Escape refurbished and re-launched, it had been the key source of arguments and subsequent silences in the bedroom between them on and off for months now. Perhaps Sam had let reality creep into his play too much.
“I’ll get up if you give me a kiss”, Kristan added and Sam saw a way back.
“How about you get up and then I’ll kiss you”, he replied.
“I’m afraid my terms are not negotiable”, Kristan grinned and he leaned forward and pressed his lips against Sam’s. Sam felt pressure from Kristan’s hand on his back draw them down onto the bed. Then Kristan stopped.
“Still want to get up?”
Sam played his final part of the game, feeling himself stirring through his underwear as their cocks rested next to each other.
“No”, he began with a broad smile. “But I still have to”.
Then in a swift motion, Sam dismounted both Kristan and their bed and walked back towards the ensuite. He stopped in the doorway and looked back at Kristan who was pretending to look sad.
“Now that was funny”, Sam laughed.
“You have got to be kidding me? You seriously think you are funnier than me? Let’s not have this argument again”, Kristan began, clambering off the bed and standing arms folded defiantly looking at Sam. “It’s the one you’re always guaranteed to lose”.
Sam just stood there gazing at Kristan with a victorious smile across his face, knowing he’d won.
“Kristan”, he started and gestured behind him at the now empty bed. “Gotya”.
“You’re a sneaky bastard you know that”, Kristan groaned at him.
  “That’s why you love me,” Sam laughed as he went into the ensuite and shuffled out of his underwear.
“Who said I love you?” He heard Kristan call out.
“Come here and say that”, he shouted as he balled up his boxers and tossed them at the back of Kristan’s head.
Then he stepped into the shower cubicle and turned on the spray.
“I thought you said I’d be late”, Kristan mock shouted back.
As Sam let the warm water cascade over his body, he grinned. “You would be, if it really was eight o’clock”.
He knew at that point Kristan would finally look over the alarm clock they had nestled on the bedside table between framed photographs of the two of them, arms around one another in the glorious sunshine of the Maldives, and see that it flashed only ’07:30’.
“I hate you”, he heard Kristan say.
“Well then show me how much you hate me, but just get in the damn shower”.
He turned to see Kristan enter the room and enjoyed watching him slide his briefs off so his dick was hanging free.
Kristan stepped into the shower and Sam enfolded his big arms around him and brought them into an embrace.
“Good morning Mr Burke”, Sam chuckled, water catching at his lips as Kristan pulled the shower door closed behind him.
“Oh shut up”, Kristan managed before Sam put his lips on Kristan’s and took him into a deep, sensual kiss.
As their tongues met and rolled over the others, Sam moved his groin towards Kristan’s, felt the throb from his cock press against Kristan’s and be met with pressure returned as Kristan’s began to harden too.
“That was wicked”, Kristan said softly as their lips separated but their bodies got closer as Sam moved his arms all over Kristan’s back.
“I just figured we could do with a little alone time”, Sam said as he moved his right hand down to cup Kristan’s supple ass and squeezed at the cheek.
“Mmm”, Kristan groaned, extending his neck back so Sam could lean down and kiss it. “It has been a while”.
“That’s something we can sort out”, Sam whispered to Kristan’s collarbone before planting a gentle bite on it. He felt Kristan’s dick expand suddenly and was reminded of the first time he’d found how well that particular spot worked for his boyfriend.
“I’ve got something else that needs sorting out”, Kristan said as he reached behind and took Sam’s hand from his arse cheek and moved it to the centre.
Sam felt Kristan guiding his fingers and let Kristan place them on the small, tight opening of Kristan’s bottom.
As Kristan moved his hand away, Sam used his middle finger to gently probe at the opening, moving around slowly and letting the heat from the water running over them moisten his fingertips.
As the opening began to pulse, Sam dared to stretch it ever so slightly with his finger, immediately causing Kristan to press his lips to Sam’s in another deep, passionate kiss. The throbbing of both their hardened tubes between them told Sam what Kristan wanted next.
“Are you sure we’ve got time?” He said to Kristan teasingly as he eased his finger inside Kristan.
“Fuck”, Kristan gasped in response. “I don’t care if it’s quick, just do me Sam, please”.
Sam wasn’t going to wait weeks again to be asked. He slowly slipped his finger out, turned Kristan around and then angled the spray off them a little.
He reached up to the small shelf in the shower where they had a bottle of lube that hadn’t been touched in longer than he wanted to think about right now.
Stroking his now fully extended dick as he squeezed the lube out of the tube and massaged it onto himself, Sam murmured in pleasure at the same time he gazed at Kristan’s slender body from behind.
  Kristan had placed his hands out on the wall for support and positioned his ass towards Sam’s groin. Putting the lube bottle aside, Sam used one slick finger to ease back inside the groove of Kristan’s pert cheeks; sliding it in as far as he could and relished the groan that caused from Kristan. He moved his finger round and round, finding Kristan’s sweet spot and toying with it in small, tender circles.
“Oh my god”, Kristan moaned. “Sam, that’s so good”.
Sam smiled as he continued the motion, feeling Kristan pulsing and his arse tensing around his finger.
“You want it?” Sam asked as his finger probed more and already knowing the answer.
“Yes”, Kristan gasped. “Yes”.
Sam let his finger slide back out and then replaced it with the tip of his cock, now covered in lube and pre-cum.
“Here it comes”, he whispered at the same time as he pressed himself inside of Kristan.
He moved in slowly at first, feeling the initial tightness and resistance from Kristan. Sam moaned as he gripped the base of his penis and throbbed inside Kristan.
As Kristan sighed at the extra pressure, Sam felt himself be taken all the way inside Kristan and their bodies were locked together.
  He leaned forward so that his stomach grazed Kristan’s back and moved his free hand around to take hold of Kristan’s fully erect cock.
“I’ve missed this”, Sam whispered into Kristan’s ear as he began to grind into his body and tug on Kristan’s tube.
“Me too”, Kristan breathed.
Sam felt Kristan pushing his ass into the motion and started to increase in speed. As Sam changed to thrust deeper and harder into Kristan, he used both his hands to grip onto Kristan’s hips.
He cherished each stroke as he rocked his hips and pushed in and out of Kristan, feeling that familiar closeness between them that he’d longed for.
Kristan pushed back with his right hand on the wall, grinding into Sam’s rhythmic force. Sam watched as with his other hand, Kristan took hold of his cock and began to tug frantically on himself.
“I love you”, Sam grunted as he pushed further and further into Kristan.
“I love you too”, Kristan groaned and Sam felt him taking each and every stroke.
  They rocked together, Sam sliding in and out of Kristan’s beautiful ass over and over as he watched Kristan pulling away on his long, thick cock.
Sam felt his balls aching as they tapped against the base of Kristan’s ass. He dug his fingers into the soft skin of Kristan’s sides, warmed by the trickle of water that ran down Kristan’s bobbing body.
All the weeks of disagreements dissolved as their bodies bounced in unison and Sam felt like he had his boyfriend back.
  Kristan arched his head back and to the left, bringing it to Sam’s for another kiss.
“I’m getting close”, Sam whispered.
“Good”, Kristan grinned back at him “Me too. Don’t stop Sam…please don’t stop”.
Sam kept going, grinding into Kristan, feeling all thought disappear except the anticipation of the release that was building inside him. He held Kristan’s hips firmly as he thrust inside him again and again before his legs shuddered and he pressed deeper one final time.
“Oh fuuuuuck”, Sam groaned as he came in several deep shivers inside Kristan.
He leaned forward, embracing Kristan from behind as euphoria flowed through him and into Kristan.
He allowed himself those long moments of relief as he held Kristan by the chest, wishing their bodies to be one forever, shaking in the ecstasy of release.
Focusing himself after a few more seconds, Sam knew what he wanted next.
Slowly leaving Kristan’s body, Sam turned his lover around to face him again and slunk down to his knees. He put his mouth around Kristan’s cock and began to bob his head rapidly.
“Oh Sam, yes”, Kristan gasped and Sam felt for the head of Kristan’s thick cock with his tongue.
Kristan moved his hands down to caress his balls and Sam knew it wouldn’t take long from the throbbing of Kristan’s penis he could feel inside his mouth.
Sam sucked and tasted the length of Kristan’s tube, nodding his head forward and looking up to see Kristan’s eyes were locked shut in pleasure.
  “Sam, I’m coming”.
Kristan moaned but even before he could finish the words, Sam tasted Kristan’s eruption.
He kept going, sucking the whole of Kristan’s shaft as he felt the vibrations coursing through Kristan’s body as he came.
Finally finished, Sam swallowed before opening his mouth to gaze up at Kristan’s beaming face. He licked from the base of Kristan’s rocking cock to the tip one last time; grinning at the agonising pleasure his tongue caused Kristan.
Then he stood and took Kristan into a firm embrace and a deep kiss.
  It had been too long.


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