The Dragon’s Vow

Shinoda Monogatari Book 4

by Paula O'Keefe

The Dragon's Vow - Paula O'Keefe
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.98
Pages: 262

The first arc of the Shinoda Monogatari concludes as young Ming Fa-kai is forced to the throne of Kimeji and his deposed mother, Lady Songsoon, flees to the castle of the Oni Lord Yen, whose plan for the destruction of House Takeda is thus set in motion.  But Takeda Tsukiryuu, the incarnation of the Storm Dragon who protects his clan, at last knows the truth about Yen's schemes, and with the help of the kitsune of Shinoda, faces both his lifelong adversary and the darkness of the dragon in his heart.

About the Author

Paula Jacqueline O'Keefe was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She loves movies, cats, coffee, Godzilla, forests, ball-jointed dolls, world mythology, and too many anime series to name. When not involved with writing, conventions, museums, dollmaking, sewing, or any of the above obsessions, she likes to sleep. She began writing at the age of twelve, discovered National Novel Writing Month 44 years later, and wrote her first novel, The Assassin's Flute, in 2011.  The Shinoda Monogatari series now comprises four novels with a fifth and sixth on the way.

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