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The Dino Rancher’s Winter Bride

by Eloise Sumner

Eleanor Fields is from a well-to-do big-city family that’s looking to expand its industry out West. Looking to make connections, her father arranges her to be married to Jacob Hammond of Vanwell Ranches.

After years of work, Jesse Vanwell has just won back her family home, the Vanwell estate, from the vile Jacob Hammond. But taking his assets comes with a surprise – a city bride.

Jesse’s got no need for a wife, but Eleanor doesn’t want to be sent back to her family. A storm is brewing on the horizon, as is the threat of Jacob Hammond returning to reclaim what he lost.

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About the Author

Eloise enjoys listening to classical music on repeat while writing stories that all fit into one category: happy lesbians with paranormal elements. From westerns to medieval to contemporary urban fantasy, with dinosaurs, fallen angels, and lady knights, Eloise is an ardent fan of non-tragic WLW stories.