The Demon and the Demonling

The Demon Heart Series Volume 1

by Margie Eileen Jones

The Demon and the Demonling - Margie Eileen Jones - The Demon Heart
Part of the The Demon Heart Series series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 3.99
Pages: 467
Paperback - First Edition: $ 13.50
ISBN: 1521132208
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 467

“Earl Calis Midnight was changed at age 13 into a demon in the year 1888 and cannot grow or age physically due to this circumstance.  His butler, Sebastian Black is over 3000 years old and is a beautiful creature who was tricked by Calis into being his demonic servant forever.

To Sebastian, Calis is a mere immortal child even when in human years he reaches the age 18 and after that point since Sebastian is ancient compared to the young Earl.

To be able to survive their long lives, the two demons must feed on the souls of humans and Sebastian must teach the young demonling how to live as a demon.

Being that they are demons, they experience emotions stronger than any human.  Sebastian does not expect to fall for his young charge, but some things are difficult for a demon to resist.

As other nonhumans enter their lives, their world is turned upside down as reapers become friends and old rivals become family.

In their search for happily ever after, Sebastian and Calis must face challenges and sometimes even being stuck in a child’s body can make one grow in other much more wonderful ways.”

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Pairings: MM, MMF
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 1
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Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay, Polyamorous, Transgender
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 3 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Age Difference, Bodyguard/Guardian Angel, Cheating, Class Differences, Coming of Age, Coming Out / Closeted, Everyone is Queer, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, First Time, Forbidden Love, Menage, Queer Wedding, Wide-Eyed Innocence
Word Count: 146560
Setting: Victorian America
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

The year was 1895 and Earl Calis Midnight was 20 years old.  He was lying naked in bed waiting for his lover, Sebastian Black, to join him.  They had not had sex since the day an evil demon raped him trying to possess him, but Calis had to admit seeing Sebastian’s perfect body made him want to try to make love with his beautiful butler again.

Sebastian wrote a poem for him that he read in the candlelight of their room.  It was so romantic, yet disturbing at the same time.  It was a poem of love from a demon.  It was even written in the demon language which Sebastian was teaching Calis to read.


The poem’s title was ridiculous.  It was probably the most idiotic thing Sebastian had thought up, but it was part of Calis’ birthday presents from his beloved.  Calis read the words trying not to giggle or act stupid, but the poem was so dirty claiming things Sebastian wanted to do with him when he was ready for sex again although that may take some time.


The poem read:


‘To my Cherry Lollipop Kitten

An Ode to Calis my Cherry


The sky is ashamed since it cannot compare

To the blue and lavender of my Cherry’s eyes

Your baby soft bum you will not share

But you lay with me between your thighs

Your lips beg for my kisses

You shame me with your cruel tongue

Just as I answer your wishes

You burn me before I have begun

I love your cruel nature my kitten

You scratch out my eyes as I bleed

I handle you without being bitten

My cock fills with such need

I dream of being inside your sweet pucker

Of plundering you so well

I want to lick you like an all-day sucker

Waiting is such complete hell

I will love you forever so I will be patient as can be

I have lived so long you know

I never thought this would happen to me

An ancient demon crow

Cherry you were as pure as snow and ice

I stole from you your first real kiss

On that first night, I wanted to take you twice

Being with you is pure bliss

So, torment me more my little lover

Make me beg on my knees

On wings above you I’ll hover

And fly with you above the trees

If heaven could be found in one place

On this ever-turning world

It would be the perfection of your sweet face

Where the palm of my hand has curled

My love for you will never fade

No matter how old we come to be

My heart is yours and is laid

In your eye, the color of the ever-moving sea

I bleed you, I breathe you, and want you every day

So, cut me, bleed me, and drink from me

Just don’t ever send me away

For if you do decide to flee

Just kill me and be merciful I pray

I cannot live without you my love

This heart you cannot sway

My tiny perfect snow white dove

Tonight, I hope you will allow me to

Play a little and lick your nipples sweet

I could suck your cock and woo you

Just a taste would be a treat

I will obey you always my tiny Lord

Although I want to thrust within

Your perfect round little bottom in accord

To your stating where to begin

So, ends this poem of deep affection

To my Cherry love so dear

I do hope tonight ends in perfection

With my cock inside your rear





Calis could not help it as he laughed a bit.  Sebastian was such an obvious pervert, but Calis loved him.  That night Calis allowed Sebastian to do a few things, but had been reluctant to let his lover take him.

1895 passed quickly enough as every year afterwards Sebastian’s poem was written Calis had looked at it and recalled that night.  Even now after all that time Calis found that poem amusing.  The pages had been laminated to keep it from falling apart or losing the writing.

Sebastian had written other poems and things for Calis, but nothing in his life amused Calis as much as this poem did.

Calis smiled to himself as he reread the poem before putting it away.  Sebastian still thought of him as his Cherry Lollipop Kitten although they rarely used such silly names for each other anymore.

Sebastian had been Calis’ dark Angel and still was to a point.  So much had changed over the years other than the deep love they had for each other.  Putting the poem away Calis sighed wondering if this year he would get a new poem.


About the Author



Here are some interesting facts about me:


I am a disabled American Navy Veteran.  I was diagnosed with multiple-personality disorder and thus I have days where it is difficult to write or think with the voices in my head.  I chose to become a writer because I have been writing stories and poems my whole life.


I attended school at Cottonwood High School and South High School in Utah, American Intercontinental University, Corning Community College, and the College of Southern Nevada. I am currently going to Grand Canyon University for my degree in English and Professional Writing so I eventually can become an editor and writing coach of LGBTQ literature.


What I liked most about grade school and some college classes was the art and writing classes.  I have been a writer since age 5 and throughout the years have tried to improve my writing skills. I found the most challenging classes to be my Math courses since I am not that great at math.  I also have trouble sometimes with tests.  I had my first poem published at age 5 and my only regret is I do not have a copy of that poem.  I have won poetry contests and when my stories were fan fiction I received over 300 reviews alone for more than one story, however I am slowly deleting these stories to make them into original pieces of work.


I worked many places throughout my lifetime, but my service in the U.S. Navy Reserves, and U.S. Navy in active duty were the most rewarding.  I am also a professional author of LGBTQ writing.


In my spare time, I write my stories and edit them and I also enjoy reading gay romance novels in the M/M genre mainly for research purposes.  I spend most of my time reading or writing so I rarely watch movies, however when I do I like comedies and fantasy the most.


I have traveled the entire United States and parts of Canada with both the Navy and the Wesley Bell Ringers, a Methodist church group that performed all over the United States and Canada.  My favorite place was New Orleans, Louisiana which someday I hope to buy a home there to live permanently in the Garden District.


I lived in Elmira, NY, China Lake, CA, Salt Lake City, Murray, and Tooele, UT.  Now I live in Mesquite, Nevada, but I had also lived in Las Vegas for a short time.


My Mother works at the Hospital here in Mesquite and we bought a house together.  My son and niece live with us.  My son works for Walmart and my niece works for Smith’s Food and Drug.  We have three pets, my cat Sebastian, my Mom’s cat Gizmo, and my niece’s puppy Cali.


I am obtaining my degree to become a better writer working on improving my grammar skills.  I thought about going into digital art since I am an artist so that I could do my own book covers, but I see more opportunities with a bachelor’s in English than in art although I could be wrong.


I chose Grand Canyon University since they offered a degree in English and professional writing although I am not fond of the Christian atmosphere possibly looking to change schools to SNHU (Southern New Hampshire University) to gain my degree in English and Fiction.  I am improving myself so I can finish up my GI Bill benefits for school.  I have looked into the colleges in Nevada and was unable to find the degree program I wanted locally so I figured I would try online studies.


This degree will help refine my writing skills and although I am not too concerned with it helping me spiritually, I do think it will help me professionally so that perhaps I can improve my creativity and not be quite so redundant in some of my stories.


The fans of my fan fiction writing that have left multiple reviews gave me some ideas, but a professional opinion sometimes is needed to help with what is selling in the book market.  I am also always looking for beta readers and fans to read my ARCs.