The Death Games

by Nikole Knight

The Death Games - Vannah Summers & Nikole Knight - Fortune Favors the Brave
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Paperback: $ 12.99 USD
ISBN: 978-1698189611
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 302

It took one mistake for him to die; it would take two to kill him twice.

Kansas native, Lea Anderson, never thought he would die at eighteen in his cap and gown, mere hours before his high school graduation. He definitely didn’t imagine he would meet his end at the paws of his arch nemesis, his sister’s evil calico. It’s too bad he doesn’t have nine lives to spare...

After his sorry ass lands in the Afterlife, the real trouble starts. But even in death, things don’t go exactly as expected.

With limited allies and an ever-increasing number of enemies, he finds himself stuck in the Afterlife's most dangerous entertainment, The Death Games. But could this blunder become his biggest break?

Unlikely friends and unexpected attraction, gruesome contests and a chance at a second shot at life, they all await within The Games. Can he survive death long enough to live again? Or is he fated to an eternity enslaved? Because if he doesn’t win, the loss might be worse than death itself.

A single winner, a second chance—one thing’s for certain: Lea is not in Kansas anymore.

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Reviews:Tina Jones on Amazon wrote:

Something new for you.

Adventure? Check. Hot guys? Check. Sexy M/M times? That's checked too!

This book was so different than anything else I've read. It's an HEA, but necessarily the one you want or expect. I highly recommend!

M. on Amazon wrote:

A must read!

The synopsis hooked me, and the story exceeded my expectations! I absolutely loved every chapter of this, and the plot twists that kept me reading until way past my normal bedtime. I definitely recommend this for all MM readers!!!

Anastasia Beaverhausen on Amazon wrote:

Omg i loved it. Such a unique story and i adored Lea!

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Not what I was expecting...

This story turned out to be REALLY good. The characters were great and the games were great. Each game was teaching the characters a lesson about themselves.

About the Author

Nikole Knight is a born and bred Hoosier living in a top-secret location in Europe. She's the lone female in the house, unless you count the dog, and she writes love in all its forms, unshackled and freed. When she's not racing after a half-naked toddler or arguing with a child's logic, Nikole can be found in her writing nook, typing away as her fingers turn to nubs.

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