The Captive Incubus

by Liv Rider

The Captive Incubus - Liv Rider
Part of the Immortal Mates series:
Pages: 178

A snarky incubus. A warlock with a secret.
Bound together by a magic they can’t break.

Casual sex has always been enough to satisfy Shay. Who needs more when humans provide such a gluttony of pleasure? He might find big, blond, warlock Alex attractive, but that’s definitely all it is—especially since Alex is the one holding him captive for a band of bloodthirsty vampires. All the sexual tension in the world can’t make up for his loss of freedom. Right?

It should have been easy: capture and bind a demon, then collect his payment from the vampires. Alex has his own problems to deal with. All he wants is for the vampires to take Shay off his hands and to get the incubus out of his head. Shay might be the sexiest demon he’s ever seen, but a warlock should be able to resist temptation. Right?

But the magic binding them together has other ideas. It’s getting harder to hold out from giving in to what they both want—especially since they have a common cause after all. But can they overcome all the protections around their hearts to let themselves fall for real?

The Captive Incubus is an m/m paranormal romance between an incubus and a warlock with a HEA and no cliffhangers. It’s the second book in the Immortal Mates series, but can be read as a standalone.

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He should be scouting potential prospects for the night, but he couldn’t decide what he was looking for. Something simple, to take the edge off. It had been a while since he’d fed.

“Can I join you?”

Shay glanced over, about to brush off his potential suitor, and was met by an honest-to-god Viking plucked straight from his fantasies.  Six-foot-four with broad shoulders and gorgeously soft lips. Dark blond hair framing blue eyes like a storm sky.

“What are you drinking?” the Viking asked, sliding onto an adjacent stool. Even his voice reminded Shay of rough tumbles in dark corners pungent with earth and sweat. He missed the Vikings, all that bloodlust and stamina, and here was their modern, cleaner version wrapped up like a present for him.

“Nothing you can afford.” No sense making it easy.

“Whiskey, then.” The Viking gestured to the bartender, who slid over two golden tumblers a moment later.


Shay sipped his champagne and ignored the whiskey. “A little presumptuous.”

“Is it? You looked like you wanted the company. Alex, by the way. If you don’t mind the presumption.”

“Shay.” He hadn’t really looked that desperate for company, had he? He needed to get out of this funk.

“Shay. That’s unusual.”

“It’s short for something. I would tell you, but it’s a long story. And boring.” It wasn’t, but Alex would hardly react well to the story of how a demon got his name.

“I doubt that.” Alex tilted his glass to his lips. Light caught on the liquid, mirroring the burst of warm fire Shay felt to his toes at the sight of that long throat swallowing. It really had been a while since he’d fed. “I’m surprised to find someone like you alone.”

“Someone like me,” Shay drawled. “Gorgeous? Fuckable? The pinnacle of wit?”

Alex’s eyes darkened, the first sign of Shay’s natural effect. “Yes to the first two. Not sure yet about the third.”

“It’s my one unpopular quality. And you’re not so bad yourself, Viking.”

Alex barked out a laugh. “Viking. Weren’t they rampaging colonizing murderers?”

“Everyone needs a hobby.”

Shay finished off the champagne and contemplated the whiskey. He couldn’t get a read on Alex, which should probably alarm him, but he always did like a challenge. Besides, many humans had unconscious barriers, making them more difficult to read than others. And this was the first stirring of sexual interest he’d had all night. A strapping young man like Alex would hardly feel the loss of the small amount of sexual energy Shay needed to sate himself these days.

“Do you live around here?” His power snaked out in a tendril of smoke only he could see, caressing the stubbled cheek in front of him. Not that he needed it, considering Alex’s half-lidded smolder. But a little juice never hurt to get the fires burning.

“Not far,” Alex said, his voice gratifyingly unsteady.

Shay tossed off the whiskey and returned the empty tumbler to the bar. “Let’s go, then.” He slid off the stool, skin tingling in anticipation.

The room lurched around him, soft lights blurring in a sickening haze. He grabbed the smooth wood of the bar as the room tilted again, casting around for a foothold, and found Alex’s blue eyes staring back at him.

“You drugged me,” he said in disbelief, before everything went dark.


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When Liv isn't writing, she's reading, helped by the occasional shot of caffeine. She has an affinity for the paranormal and animals of prey (as well as their domesticated cousins). To receive a free story and find out when she has a new release, join Liv's mailing list  or visit her at for more information.

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