The Broken Faewolf’s Mate

by Liv Rider

The Broken Faewolf's Mate - Liv Rider
Part of the BlackEdge Pack series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99

Aidan just wants to be human.

Thanks to his messed-up half-fae, half-wolf heritage, he’s been trapped in wolf form since childhood. But when he’s put in charge of helping the pack’s newest - and most reluctant - member to accept his wolf side, everything changes. Literally.

Dev’s determined to stay human.

Dev has spent his life refusing to give in to the dangerous beast he knows lurks inside him. But when a mysterious attack threatens to activate his latent werewolf genes, the local pack assigns him a wolf mentor - a wolf who transforms into a gorgeous, confused man the moment they touch. Now he needs to stay close to Aidan to keep him human, but how can Dev protect him from the monster in his soul?

With Dev’s mystery attacker on the loose and tension escalating between the city’s supernatural factions, Aidan has to learn how to be a man again - and convince Dev to embrace his inner wolf at the same time.

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A cloud of sparks expanded from the space Aidan had filled. When they cleared, a gorgeous, pale-skinned man sprawled naked on the wooden floor, panting. His wide, startled eyes met Dev’s. They were a very familiar sky blue, and stripes of the same color ran through his black curls.

“Holy shit.” Aidan’s real voice was rougher than the mental version, and he looked shocked by the sound of it.

They stared at each other. Dev’s heart beat erratically, and he found he couldn’t unlock his gaze from Aidan’s. A strange sensation passed through him, but it wasn’t the itching, aggressive snarl of the beast jerking at its leash. No, this was something softer, less familiar. It felt like falling, and it terrified him.


“Holyyyyy shiiiiit,” Aidan said again, drawing the syllables out as if testing the movement of his lips. He had fantastic lips and, Dev couldn’t help noticing suddenly, fantastic everything. His eyes flicked down the miles of smooth skin to washboard abs and—yup. That was also fantastic.

He jerked his gaze back up. “That doesn’t usually happen then?” How long since Aidan had been human?

“Nope. This is…a first.” Aidan gave a shaky grin. “I’m doing a grand job at teaching you how to be a wolf, right? Be like me, but the opposite!” The sarcasm didn’t hide his rising panic, his voice going higher-pitched.

“A great job,” Dev agreed soothingly, kneeling beside him. Aidan’s breathing came in shallow gasps. “Breathe. Look at me sitting here all calm and non-threatening-like,” he echoed Aidan’s words from earlier back at him, hoping to distract him.

Aidan’s breathing stuttered into a strangled laugh. “Wolf lesson one: remain calm.”

“You have fae ears,” Dev observed, wondering if he’d found the one person with a more complicated family history than him. Aidan’s ears swept up to points, and now he was looking for it, the rest of his features had the kind of fine-boned cast to them that said high fae rather than werewolf. It made something in him relax. Fae he could deal with.

“Do I?” Aidan put a hand up to his ears and then froze. Slowly he stretched out his hands in front of him, turning them over and over as if hypnotized. His breathing hitched again, the pulse at his neck fluttering. “Oh my god. Oh my god! I have hands!”

Dev threaded his fingers through Aidan’s. “Hey!” Frightened blue eyes swung towards him. Christ, how did anyone get eyelashes that long and thick? “Hey. It’s okay. It’s okay that you have hands.” He squeezed Aidan’s hands. Time crystallized, until the world was only their locked gazes, warm entwined fingers, and their breathing slowly synchronizing. It felt strangely intimate, and that something in his chest twanged again.

Aidan grinned suddenly. It was like standing in the direct path of a sunbeam. “Are you kidding? This isn’t okay; this is fantastic! I have hands!” He squeezed for emphasis.

Dev jerked back to awareness, as if he’d suddenly hit the ground after a long fall. “What?”

Aidan no longer seemed on the verge of hysteria. “I have hands,” he repeated, still grinning, and the sight sent a jolt of longing right through Dev, making his heart thump. He pulled his hands sharply away from Aidan’s. A part of him mourned the loss of contact, and he told that part to shove it.

He got up. “You got some clothes somewhere?” Covering up that much raw hotness was criminal, but Dev desperately needed distance. Aidan was a werewolf, even if he didn’t look like one anymore. Why was it suddenly so hard to remember that fact?

“Clothes.” Aidan blinked at his still-outstretched hands, then tracked the rest of the way down his body with the same kind of stunned amazement. “I am super naked. Yes. Wow.” He wriggled his toes.

“How long were you a wolf for?” The way Aidan was looking at himself…

“Since I was ten years old,” Aidan said softly. The smile faded, an old, quiet hurt briefly taking its place. He prodded himself experimentally and then he lit up again like a goddamn sunbeam. “I did not look like this then. Have you seen me? I have abs! Great abs!”

“Yeah, I noticed,” Dev said hoarsely. Aidan’s abs were…yeah.

“Did you now?” Aidan looked up, brimming with mischief.


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