The Bountiful Bouts of Bixby

by A.J. Gillett

The Bountiful Bouts of Bixby - AJ Gillett
ISBN: 978-1-641221283

University student Bixby Ballentine has his own personal botheration in the six foot plus, stupidly muscled, and even more stupidly handsome, Darius Dickerson. Bixby isn't tall, or brawny, and spends long hours studying, so he often forgets to eat, or get enough sleep, or whatever. Just because he started university at sixteen doesn't give Darius the right to treat him like a naive kid with several twit-like tendencies.

Now that Bixby is finished school, however, he figures he can enjoy himself at his upcoming twentieth birthday party. That is, until Darius says he will be attending. Bixby is certain he can avoid Darius' critical eye, however, things don't go as planned, and his relationship with Darius turns in a direction he'd never dared dream. Well he'd dared, he'd just not foreseen how the requital of his feelings would result in new challenges with Darius, both toilsome and edifying.

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About the Author

A.J. Gillett feels really weird referring to herself in the third person but has succumbed to the pressure of bio writing norms. She currently resides in the lower mainland of British Columbia with a husband who is blessedly endowed with infinite patience, two sons who are one foot out the door from making their parents empty nesters, and the obligatory cat who can’t for the life of her understand why all her meows are not met with the instant granting of her demand for copious amounts of tuna flavored cat treats. She writes what she enjoys reading, and her goal is to get several strong smiles, a fair few snickers, and at least one partial guffaw out of each of her very valued readers.

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