The Best Man

The Gentlemen’s Club

by Gale Stanley

When Dominant Michael St. Clair meets Chad Emery in a BDSM club, he knows immediately that Chad is the submissive he’s been looking for. This is a man who will trust completely and surrender totally. Both men are blindsided by the pull of sexual chemistry, but Chad declines a repeat performance. Still, fate has other plans.

Chad is shocked to discover that Michael and his boss have business connections, and Chad is asked to help Michael open a new BDSM dungeon. At first things are awkward between them, but underneath the tension is a simmering attraction. Michael helps Chad explore his needs and after a few play sessions, a real relationship develops. Chad realizes that Michael is the best man for him. But just as he’s ready to reveal his love, Chad is caught in a lie and he fears he’s lost Michael forever.


Michael’s breath caught in his throat. The dancer was grinding his hips seductively and each move showcased his perfectly shaped ass. Michael’s cock strained against his black leather pants. Since when did a few raunchy dance moves give him a hard-on? Michael studied the young man, trying to figure out the reason for his excitement. Despite the man’s uninhibited dance moves, he appeared more polished than the men Paddles usually attracted. It was an interesting combination.


Heat curled in Michael’s belly. He felt like he’d taken a potent aphrodisiac. He hadn’t been looking for this. Whatever this was, it made him feel vulnerable. All his life Michael had to be strong, and he became convinced that vulnerability meant weakness. A guarded man, he kept people at a distance. Other men saw him as unapproachable. It didn’t matter in the world of BDSM, because a Dom was expected to make the first move, but it put a damper on romance. That was okay, too, Michael didn’t want love in his life.

Old memories urged him to run like hell, but lust kept him rooted in place while conflicting thoughts raced through his mind. This man tempted him like no other. He had a chance to feel something again. If he let this opportunity pass he’d probably regret it. It would become another what-might-have been, and he already had too many of those haunting him. Go on, he told himself. It’s only one night, and you’ll be in control the entire time.

Squeezing through the dancers, Michael approached his prey. He didn’t spare a glance for the man’s burly partner as he moved between them.

A big, hairy hand gripped Michael’s shoulder. “Hey, buddy.”

Michael glanced at the hand, then turned his head to look its owner in the eye. He gave the man a withering stare. The other Dom put his hands up and slipped into the crowd. He gave up too easy. Obviously he wasn’t worthy of this prize.

The prize had his back to Michael. Hips swaying, he moved backward until only a few inches separated them. He was just a bit shorter than Michael’s height of six two, and he had a leaner build. Michael gave in to an overwhelming urge. Gripping the dancer’s hips Michael pulled him back against his body. He matched his movements to the dancer’s and ground his erection against the man’s ass.

For the first time in many years, Michael felt the pull of sexual chemistry and it blindsided him. He ached to see the dancer’s naked body kneeling at his feet. His inner voice of reason reminded him that a forty-three-year old Dominant should not be acting like a horny teenager at his first dance. His cock disagreed. It stiffened with adolescent excitement.

The music stopped. The young man turned and blinked as he took in his new partner. His ready smile disappeared. He looked confused. “I thought you were someone else.”





About the Author

Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.

Some things never change.