The Becoming, Part 3: Wide Receiver

by Dorian Kenworthy

Wide Receiver - Dorian Kenworthy - The Becoming, Part Three
Part of the The Becoming series:
ISBN: B07V9S2475

The saga of Will and Jake continues with Part Three of The Becoming!

Will Carroll, “the only gay kid at Randolph High,” still couldn't believe he was involved with the school's quarterback. A virgin no longer, Will wonders if there could be something to this relationship other than sexual experimentation and plans to help his friend in any way possible.

Randolph quarterback, Jake Bryant, questions his desire for Will. He only knows he needs Will in his life and is willing to lie to his family and friends to make that a reality. He’s unaware of a huge stumbling block that could jeopardize his relationship and his future.

Coach Eilertsen’s winning season and cult status continues, making the coach cockier than ever. Having already made one conquest, the coach sets his sights on his original target. But, things have changed since the beginning of the school year and someone stands in the way. Eilertsen’s no stranger to a fight and will use any method at his disposal to achieve his ends.

First time gay high school jock MM sex, mature MMM rough sex. Note: Due to graphic descriptions of intercourse, this book should be read by readers 18 years old and above only.

Reviews:Natosha Wilson on Goodreads wrote:

Well part three has taken on even more scandal then the previous two books and if I am not mistaken, part four is going to blow some things wide open for everyone or at least I hope so.

This is not a book for everyone. I will post my warnings first before I review it: first this is a very graphic book. It includes high school students that are of the age of 18. But it also includes the abuse of power by a coach. So if those things bother you then this book is not for you. If it does not bother you then this is a really good series with several plot twists that always leave you wondering what is going to happen next.

Will and Jake have seemed to find a groove with one another in this book. Jake is definitely not out and he may not come out for some time but he is definitely into Will. And Will is loving this new side of Jake. The closer they grow though, the more things spin out of control on other parts of Jake's life.

Seems while Jake has been neglecting football, his former best friend Keith has decided to take his spot. Coach is thrilled because Keith is willing to do anything to make coach happy and Coach is willing to use that to fulfill his wants and needs with extra practice behind closed doors.

After Will is hurt by Keith and not able to return to school right away, Jake decides to spend as much time with Will as possible while he is recuperating. It is after the coach talks to Jake's dad about Jake not being present as he should be that things take a twisted turn once again. The question is, who is going to be caught in the crossfire?

I truly look forward to seeing what will happen next. I want to know exactly how everything is going to play out and of Jake and Will can make it work between them or is high school life and being in the closet just too much. I look forward to seeing next book when it comes out!!

Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review

About the Author

Dorian Kenworthy grew up in New Jersey but currently calls Louisiana home. A lengthy illness when he was a child caused him to depend on his imagination for companionship. This lead to a prolific acting and directing career in later years. The Becoming series is his first foray in the area of gay male erotica and romance. He strives to write believable characters that are easy to relate to and care about. While he wishes to arouse and excite, his goal is also to present a story that will engage the reader.

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