The Aztec Alphas

The Prophecy.


The Aztec Alphas - F.R. D'Angelo - The Prophecy
Part of the Is There Redemption series:
  • The Aztec Alphas
Part of the The Aztec Alphas series:
  • The Aztec Alphas
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: £ 0.99 GBP

Aztec Alphas
The Prophecy.

One prophecy. Two Alphas. A world of shifters to save.

Raised on the family farm, Azkin has been sheltered from the harsh realities of shifter life. After the loss of his parents, he struggles to find his way in the world. He withdraws even more, until one day, an old prophecy is resurrected, pointing to a greater destiny than he ever imagined.

In the Aztec Alpha Protection Program, Zain protects the Alphas living and working in the human world. He and others have patiently awaited the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy and have all but lost hope that it will ever come to pass. His long-time friend, Azkin, however might just bring Zain much closer to the centre of the prophecy than he’s ready for.

Together, Azkin and Zain must navigate a new world for shifters while staying true to themselves. Can they survive the dangerous obstacles in their path, or will they be torn apart in their quest to save shifter-kind?

This book mentions Mpreg, it’s also M/M Gay shifters. Lots of New relationship sex.
This is a completely rewritten properly edited version.

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4.0 out of 5 stars 4.75* again I am enjoying this shifter series
21 August 2019
Format: Kindle Edition
This is a re-release of a debut novel and can I say wow, I love the idea of the story it is so intriguing. This prophecy and the two alphas in question are well imagined and fully realised with everything that they need, and how they compliment each other personality wise.

I will comment on how sappy the characters are because there is a fair bit of sappiness going on and these shifters/wolves are horny I mean seriously horny, so be aware if you are a sensitive human .This book is the continuation from the first with the bigger fight with the Theta pack looming in the near future, meanwhile the newly mated Alpha pair Azkin and Zain are finding and getting used to their Aztec powers.

This book is so very hot and has a nice pace to keep the story moving, and there are cubs galore in this book from recently freed ones, to reunited ones to unborn ones. There is a few laughs a few tears and I can’t wait to find out where this newly formed strong pack takes us the readers next.

There is a fair bit of world building and lots of secondary characters all bringing their own personalities and it looks set to become bigger as the story unfolds, which makes this to be a fully immersive experience when reading, I’m looking forward to more.

About the Author

Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, I live in Northern Ireland. And I write fiction,
I love to channel the characters who waltz into my mind and refuse to leave, until I write their story.
The magic of the other world is in the books I write, it's not forced it just is. We all need a little magic in our lives.
I am often found with my head a book, or earphones on as I listen to a book, or I am writing.
The biggest challenge so far has been the dyslexia. I have a set routine, and many do not run on the same. It's been frustrating for the most part. Though lots of Coffee seems to help, though the animals in my life ground me.
I love to listen to or read about science of the universe, and other worlds. I also have a list as long as my arm of characters who want to me to write their story.
My passion lies with the paranormal of our world, I also love Sci-fi.
I love to show my dogs, it gives me something to do outside of sitting in front of the pc, and I have 3 homebred boxers of my own.

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