The Aztec Alphas

The Prophecy.


The Aztec Alphas - F.R. D'Angelo - The Prophecy
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Aztec Alphas
The Prophecy.

One prophecy. Two Alphas. A world of shifters to save.

Raised on the family farm, Azkin has been sheltered from the harsh realities of shifter life. After the loss of his parents, he struggles to find his way in the world. He withdraws even more, until one day, an old prophecy is resurrected, pointing to a greater destiny than he ever imagined.

In the Aztec Alpha Protection Program, Zain protects the Alphas living and working in the human world. He and others have patiently awaited the fulfilment of an ancient prophecy and have all but lost hope that it will ever come to pass. His long-time friend, Azkin, however might just bring Zain much closer to the centre of the prophecy than he’s ready for.

Together, Azkin and Zain must navigate a new world for shifters while staying true to themselves. Can they survive the dangerous obstacles in their path, or will they be torn apart in their quest to save shifter-kind?

This book mentions Mpreg, it’s also M/M Gay shifters. Lots of New relationship sex.
This is a completely rewritten properly edited version.

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About the Author

Frances R D’Angelo is a pen name thought up by the author taking her name and mixing it with her work and family name.

Frances is a family name used by her father, D’Angelo means angel and while by her self-admission she is no angel, it seems to work.

You see Frances is a psychic medium, trained and working with some of the best international mediums around the world. She is also a teacher in this, but what she really loves to do is read, everything and anything MM.

It was through reading she became a writer. Asked to write a book for her work with mediumship, she didn’t think it would be viable, you see Frances is autistic and dyslexic, although these only became apparent as an adult. While this pushed her to try harder, it was while writing her workbooks when she heard the characters of the Aztec Alphas talking to her.

As a medium, voices of others is very real and rather quite normal. It somehow became obvious to her these were not normal voices, but they wanted their story to be told. The full story of the Aztecs is so simple, and yet, who would find it interesting?

Signing up for NaNoWriMo 2017 saw the birth of her writing career when these guys stomped into her head and refused to leave, taking up residence and living there ever since.

Frances also owns Boxer dogs and shows them when her schedule makes time for it. It's been crazy busy this past year and not much showing done. As an Animal communicator through past life connections, many animals have been helped. While this is on the back burner right now as the writing is taking precedence over all.

Frances will tell you it’s been a tough learning curve this work, for it trumps more than just work, it’s a love of storytelling. “I think I take after my grandad,” she has said, “he loved telling stories of the war era.”

Living in Northern Ireland. There is nothing better for the soul than the fresh air and being surrounded by nature.

Introducing characters from the books into her reader group daily has brought these guys to life, so overall, what she loves better than anything else is listening to her Aztec Alphas and writing them into and out of sticky situations.

Frances R D’Angelo can be found on social media

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