The Alpha’s Word

An Alpha/Omega Mpreg

by Colbie Dunbar

The Alpha's Word - Colbie Dunbar - Iriador Chronicles
Part of the Idriador Chronicles series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

Do you stop running when there’s no way to escape?

Seb, Max and the piglet, Trixie, speed away from their farm, leaving everything behind. But their journey exposes some of the alpha’s secrets, infuriating the omega. Amid chaos, Max convinces Seb to spice up their life with role play and fancy dress.

As the pair bring new life into the world, Trixie is overcome with jealousy. It’s piglet versus parents as they engage in bouts of emotional back and forth.

And is Trixie planning a career move? Could the bright lights of stardom be luring the piglet from her small town existence?

The alpha and omega keep a low profile and make new friends who don’t question their history. But as they both discover, the past is never dead.

This is a 28,000-word, non-shifter, omegaverse novella, and it’s the second book in the Idriador series.

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About the Author

My characters are sexy, hot, adorable—and often filthy—alphas and omegas. They include feudal lords with dark secrets, outrageous aristocrats with scandals buried deep in their past and poverty-stricken gentleman who have gambled away their inheritance.

Lurking in the background are notorious kings, princesses and courtiers whose opinions change with each whisper in their ear.

And as for me? I dictate my steamy stories with a glass of champagne in one hand. Because why not?

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