The Alpha’s Duet

An MMM/Mpreg/Shifter Romance

by Aspen Grey

The Alpha's Duet - Aspen Grey - SoCal Cuties
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 150

A tortured omega who doesn’t know what he is. Can true love reveal his true self?

Two omegas doing what they need to survive…

Billy, or “Little Billy” as he’s called on the streets, has given up on love. It’s trouble, nonsense, not even real. He knows what to do to make his money and survive, and he lets no one get close to him—no one but Tommy, or “Titillating Tommy,” Billy’s best and only friend. A tough, street smart omega, he looks out for them both. He cares deeply for Billy—there may be more there, but they just can’t go there.

A man hiding a terrible truth…

Garrett is a survivor with an impenetrable wall around his heart that is hiding a secret—a secret so life changing he’s been unable to confront it for as long as he’s lived. He’s survived two abusive parents, life as a working boy and a second job as a sous chef. He knows how to keep going, but when he saves Billy and Tommy from a local crook trying to squeeze them for payment for working on his turf, he’s forced to confront that secret.

Can true love heal them all?

Their scents don’t lie. Billy and Tommy are Garrett’s fated-mates, but how could that be true?

Garrett is an omega. His fathers beat that into his head for his entire life. How could three omegas be destined to be together? But Billy and Tommy see something in Garrett that he’s been unable to accept and they know the truth that he’s been unable to accept for all these years. But will he be able to realize it too?

The Alpha’s Duet is book 4 in the SoCal Cuties Series from Aspen Grey. It can be read as a standalone, but features characters from the rest of the series that old fans will appreciate. Brimming with MMM/Mpreg/Knotty goodness, a dash of mystery and a heavy dose of warm romance, with a HEA more satisfying than a warm bath after a long day. Treat yourself 😉


There’s something wrong with you. You know there is. But why don’t you know what it is?

It’s hard to think of yourself as a person when your entire life your fathers call you an animal. It’s hard to have any sense of self-worth when you’re constantly demeaned, made fun of and made to feel like you are below everyone else. But I guess when you’re born to two psychotic, alcoholic, drug users, you can’t expect much.

It was late and Hillcrest was popping off. Some of the working boys managed to keep a smile on their faces when they did their thing, trying their best to pretend that they enjoyed what they were doing. Or at least, that’s what I told myself.

Maybe they weren’t like me. Maybe they did take pleasure in their “profession.” Maybe they liked having some kind of power over the alphas and betas, as small as it might be, and got off being paid for doing something they liked doing anyway. But I doubted it.


Life as a working boy was miserable, but I still had to do it. I was working as a sous-chef during the week, but the pay was shit and due to “accounting issues,” I hadn’t gotten a check in a month and I was starting to seriously doubt whether or not my career as a chef was going to actually materialize.

After all, I was a high school dropout with serious emotional problems and an anger issue, but I also knew deep down that I wasn’t worth much more. Maybe this was my destiny; to be used up in the streets by any grinning alpha or beta with a couple of hundreds, and I’d come to accept that.

It was like I’d built an ice wall around my heart, or what was left of it, and there was no way anyone was getting through it. It was like that huge thing in Game of Thrones that kept out the White Walkers, only this was meant to keep out anyone silly enough to come to me with the idea that love was something real or relationships actually worked. I knew better than that.

The things I’d seen out on the street would make your average suburban dweller cringe or cry. I’d seen countless cheaters—thousands maybe—and even more sickos, perverts and creeps, hideous excuses for alphas looking to lose their virginity, betas with boners who couldn’t talk their way into a make-out session with the most desperate omega in heat, and rich alphas looking for a fun time and something to do with their cash to prove just how alpha they were.

I’d seen working boys rip each other off, screw each other out of jobs, get each other hooked on drugs to take them out of the game and out of their competition. I’d seen them sell each other out to the cops, get into the life “just for a while” until they earned enough money to go back to Ohio or Oklahoma or Boston or wherever it was they were visiting from. And I’d seen it all come crashing down on them. It never worked out the way they thought, and that’s why I’d given up dreaming a long time ago. Survival was the only constant in life, and as long as I focused on that and that alone, I’d be all right.

But I couldn’t help but feel as though there was something…wrong with me. I felt off-balance, like a car running with a flat tire or a ship that couldn’t quite find its way through the waves. I felt incomplete, as though there was a secret inside me that not even I understood that was begging to be let out. But so far, I’d been unable to find the answer.

There’s something wrong with you and you know it.

But my heart was heavy as I patrolled the Hillcrest streets, having come over from Mission Beach to get a change of scenery. I was starting to be too recognizable to the cops in the area and that wasn’t good.

The crowd was…interesting, to say the least.

There was a group of really fancy-looking human men standing outside of a club smoking those stupid vape pens with some kind of scented crap in them. There was a drag queen crooning on about his makeup and Britney Spears’ next comeback, but then down the street some ways there were two alphas with expensive-looking suits on standing at the mouth of an alley.

Tall and decent-looking? Check.

                  Obvious cash? Check.

                  Here we go.

                  I walked quickly towards them, shouldering through a crowd of trust fund baby kids wearing Commes De Garcon sneakers and Rick Owens jackets.

“Gucci is so over,” one of them remarked. “Tired.”

“I’d never own a piece of Gucci,” his friend agreed. “Not since those rappers started talking about it.”

Shaking my head, I kept moving towards the two alphas.

“Hey, big boys,” I called out to them. “You guys looking for a good time?”

They didn’t even turn to look at me.

That’s odd, I thought as I closed in on them. They were obviously paying attention to something down in the alley, and I stepped right up beside them to see. But as I did, before I even laid eyes on what it was they were looking at, a scent hit my nose with the force of a dump truck going eighty miles per hour.


Not just a scent. Two scents.

“Wow!” I gasped when I laid eyes on them.

I couldn’t make them out fully, as their backs were to me, but they were both omegas. The brown-haired one smelled of hot chocolate that instantly made my mouth start to water, and the other one, whose hair was longer and shaggier, smelled like pineapple. Somehow, my cock began to grow beneath my jeans.

What is happening? I thought as my insides twisted and an airy sensation swept through my skull like my mind was being lifted into the clouds. I started to tingle and was suddenly completely unaware of anything going on around me. A building could have collapsed into the earth and I wouldn’t have noticed.

I couldn’t stop staring at their bodies, taking in every shape, every curve, every muscular line I could make out. They were definitely street boys, both of them with gorgeous asses. They weren’t too tall, but they were both omegas—why would I be drooling over a couple of omegas as an omega myself?

“Hey,” a voice called out from somewhere. A hand touched my arm. “HEY!”

“WHAT?!” I blurted out, spinning around to face the two alphas who were staring at me.

“If you want those omegas, you’re out of luck,” one of them told me.

Did they not recognize another working boy when they saw one? Maybe they saw the dumb look on my faces. After all—why did I want them like I did?

A thought entered my mind.

No. No, that’s impossible!

Reviews:Kim Kniaz on Amazon wrote:

Omg this book was absolutely positively amazing. This book was a page turner that I just couldn't stop reading until the end. I had absolutely loved this book. I would highly recommend this book.

Rowena on Amazon wrote:

I’m enjoying this series so much! Can’t believe how this author finds three characters that you wouldn’t have thought would be right for each other find a HEA. Garrett, Billy, and Tommy journey was a hot and sexy read. I loved that was also get to see updates on the previous couples.

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Aspen is a simple gal who loves tea, ice cream, a nice warm blanket on a cool autumn night -- oh, and gorgeous shifting guys with beautiful little baby bumps! Aspen always wanted to be a writer, but it wasn't until she took the plunge and published her first book that she realized her dream.

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