The Abandoned

by Sasha Kay Riley

The Abandoned - Sasha Kay Riley
Pages: 80

Blake Flores thought his life with horses was over. After a debilitating riding accident five years ago left him in pain and alone, he sold his horses and closed down his stable. The accident also caused the man Blake had thought loved him and would see him through anything to leave without a goodbye. Disheartened, Blake never wanted to see or own a horse again and never hoped for love. Then a horse from his past appears in his empty barn, changing Blake's life yet again.

Preston West has thrown himself into his work as a vet, striving to open his own practice and move past his recent divorce. When he got the call that an abandoned horse needed to be seen by a vet, Preston had no idea how the visit would change his future. Blake's need to have some help in getting his barn habitable for a horse again gives Preston the distraction he needs to move on with his life. It also awakens in him desires he thought he had put aside years ago.

They both soon learn that it isn't about who abandons you, but who stays.

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About the Author

Sasha started writing in junior high, but it wasn't until 2013 that she decided to try publishing when her characters demanded more than just a place on her computer's hard drive. She has always loved books, but when she was in grade school she generally refused to read anything that didn't have a horse on the cover. It's no surprise that she ended up writing stories about equestrians. She's from upstate New York and grew up about a mile from a thoroughbred racetrack. Her dad worked there as a stable hand when she was little, and he used to take her to see the horses. That's where her love of horses began.

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