The 12 Gods

Men In Love and at War

by LJ Collins

It’s not every day a God risks his Godly powers and life to travel to Earth so he can express his undying love for you.

What’s in a dream? Maybe nothing or everything. There’s certainly more to it when the same dream keeps recurring and can’t be ignored. Justin’s best friend Lucas suspects it has something to do with their upcoming holiday to Mykonos. He predicts something strangely wonderful is going to happen to Justin while they are there. But nothing could prepare Justin for what was in store for him.

When The 12 Gods fear that humans have learned to think for themselves, diminishing their Godly powers, four Gods are sent to Earth to find out what is really going on. Hesodo is particularly keen to go, but to accomplish a completely different mission—to find Justin and win him back. When Justin has a tragic accident, there is only one option, which results in Justin finding out more than he bargained for about his past love and history, teaching him that dreams should never be ignored.


As Justin glanced at the clock in frustration, it was three forty-two exactly on one of those rare, hot, sticky July nights in London. The window was open, but it might as well have been shut for what little relief it brought. The air was so thick it would have been possible to hang a wire coat hanger in it. Beads of sweat joined in unison to form small damp patches on his forehead and chest as he lay restlessly on his back. His eyelids flickered as the perspiration on his forehead rolled down his face into the corners of his eyes, almost stinging them, so he impatiently wiped them away with the back of his hand.

 * * * *


Unbeknown to Justin, a distant admirer was watching him. Through the clammy white Egyptian cotton sheet covering him, his perfectly formed chest and the deeply cut ridges in his abdomen were visible. The admirer licked his lips as he fantasised about what he would do to Justin when the moment came that he made him his again.
The celestial being transmitted his thoughts to Justin, causing his legs and torso to stiffen. He pushed the sheet down to his thighs, exposing yet more of the delectable and youthful human creation.

* * * *

As he slipped into an almost hypnotic state, Justin visualised himself walking cautiously through a dark, moist tunnel that had been cut out of a rock face. Rushes of fear swept through him as he contemplated what he would be faced with at the end of the darkness. The damp, cold atmosphere made Justin shiver, and his skin broke out in goose bumps. With every step, his legs became heavier. His mind took control of his body in an attempt to make him turn back and return to the safety he’d left behind. But there was no turning back—the only way to go was forward, as an unseen and unfelt force drew him toward the faint glimpse of light in the distance. In a drugged-like trance, he was powerless to stop, despite not knowing what dangers might lie ahead.


About the Author

Born and raised in London, Lee worked as a successful senior management consultant before moving to Tenerife to pursue a more fulfilling life and to focus on his writing.

For Lee, the writing process is all about when the mind and the fingers connect. He plans stories in his head, but when the fingers take over, something else comes out...but invariably, he is happy that he let his fingers do the talking.

He works with an amazing team at eXtasy/Divine books who inspire and encourage his writing. He calls Jay Austin, the Chief Editor in Charge, Laura McNellis, his editor and Carmen Waters, his artist, THE DREAM TEAM. No further explanation required...

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