That Something Feeling

Riverside Town Book 2

by Darla O'Malley

That Something Feeling - Dara O'Malley - Riverside Town
Part of the Riverside Town series:

Duncan James’ parents had never been warm and fuzzy but when they found out he was gay at age sixteen, he never expected them to virtually disown him by exiling him to their converted attic and then kick him out of the house after he graduated from high school.

Now, after twenty-years of service as an army cook, Duncan decides it’s time to start a new chapter in his life especially, to his surprise, his parents left him a decent inheritance after they died. After moving into his old house in Riverside Town, he goes about his life as a diner cook until he meets Cammy, the guy of his dreams. There’s a hitch though; Cammy’s only eighteen. It also doesn’t bode well that Duncan’s never been in a serious relationship and doesn’t know how to handle having a crush on someone so much younger and better looking than himself.

When Cammy Hayes was twelve, his mother deserted his father, his older brother and himself. But not before drilling impossible rules into his head that she expected him to live his life by.

Cammy is focused on becoming a teacher and having a husband and family of his own, so when he meets Duncan—who helps him out of a tough spot—he’s pretty sure he’s found his dream man. But it turns out that Duncan is too emotionally immature for him which Cammy only realizes after he’s fallen for him.

Can Duncan figure out how to be a grown-up without the safety net the army provided? And can he rise above his parents’ past disdain for him, and become the man Cammy craves? And what will each have to sacrifice to achieve their dreams?

Author Note: male/male romance, standalone. Contains sexual acts between consenting adults, and strong language.

Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 3
Romantic Content: 4
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Tropes: Age Difference, First Time, Opposites Attract
Word Count: 54,000
Setting: Town
Languages Available: English, German
Series Type: Same Universe / Various Characters

Cammy’s beautiful crystal blue eyes lit up. He took the hat off his head and placed it gently back in the trunk, brushing a hand over it as if to make sure he didn’t leave any dirt on it. Watching him treat my things—what some people would see as junk—like treasure, did something to my chest—it made it warm.

“What favorite thing did you keep?” he asked.

I smiled instantly; that was an easy question. “A hairnet.”

“A hairnet?” Cammy repeated.

“Yeah.” I laughed. “Before I began chef training, I was given a kit list—things that I had to get for my first day of training. It was hand-written, so I should’ve known there was something fishy going on. Anyway, one of the items I needed was a hairnet—I looked in damn near every store I could think of for the thing.


“On my first day my sergeant asked if I had everything I needed and, when I pulled that damn hairnet out of my pocket—shit—I thought I was gonna have to give him CPR, he literally fell to his knees laughing!”

Both of us were now in fits of laughter; it felt good to laugh so loudly, I don’t remember a time I laughed this hard.

“It only got worse from there,” I told him, still laughing.

“Oh, god, did you get pranked a lot?” Cammy’s eyes gleamed as he spoke.

“When I first joined up, I was a bit clueless about everything, and the guys totally took advantage of that.”

“Tell me another prank,” he demanded, excitedly, before making his way back to the couch. I followed dutifully.

“Okay, well…” Thinking of a good one, I said, “Oh shit, this is a bad one; I was given a see-through bag of nails, a hammer, and a note. The note was to be given to my captain, and I was told to wait for his answer to the note before dropping off the hammer and nails to someone else…” I stood up again, feeling too animated by my own story to be seated. “So, I’m standing in my captains office, bag of nails in one hand, hammer in the other, and probably with a stupid look on my face too, while he reads the note and—I shit you not, he looks up at me and his face turns white!”

“What—why—what did the note say?” Cammy blurted out, his butt barely touching the edge of the couch as he looked up at me, impatiently.

“It said: if you don’t give me the rest of the week off work, I’m gonna nail your balls to your desk.”


About the Author

Darla O’Malley had been writing male/male fiction and paranormal stories as a hobby for quite a few years, until encouragement from friends and family to become a published author had her finishing one of her many half-written novels. She’s extremely happy she heeded their advice as having others read her creations has become an exhilarating experience.

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