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Testing Faith: Kalili’s Temptation Book 2

by AC Adams

Testing Faith - A.C. Adams - Kalili's Temptation
Part of the Kalili's Temptation series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 5.99
Pages: 331
Paperback: $ 14.99
ISBN: 979-8367470550
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 359
Hardcover: $ 19.99
ISBN: 979-8373784719
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 359

Kalili has Faith.

Heaven and Hell don't approve.

Their trials have only begun!

You'd think after killing an archdemon they might get a break.

You'd be wrong.

Lilith, Mistress of Hell, has her plans for a rebellion in Hell, and she'd dearly love Kalili's assistance.

Kalili has her own agenda, including finding out which Prince of Hell wanted her dead and having a little chat.

Meanwhile, Faith has a missing sanctified blade she needs to recover.

All in all, it's a busy time for an angel and a demon who really just want to get on with their lives and their new relationship.

But when an Archangels summons Faith for a "meeting"?

Well. Eternity will never be the same.

The other immortals are all going to learn that you never bet against a pair of Thirteens!

Sequel to the award-winning, best-selling sapphic fantasy romance "Keeping Faith," "Testing Faith" is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seat.

Cover Artists:
Pairings: F-F
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Lesbian, Polyamorous
Protagonist 1 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 2 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Protagonist 3 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Age Difference, Badass Hero, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Love Triangle, True Love, Villain to Hero, Unrequited Love
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters




“Testing Faith” contains violence, explicit sex, shapeshifting, abuse of imps, temptation, nudity, inappropriate use of church property, a totally different Trinity, kidnapping, assault, sexual promiscuity, Succubi, Incubi, the corruption of a potential pope, disturbances of the peace, offers you can’t refuse, blasphemy, politics (eww), near-death experiences, forced transiting, foul language, abuse of vampires (which is always funny), unsanctified churches, naivete, gratuitous nudity, celestial disinterest, kidnapping, uppity Succubi, lesbians, bureaucracy, angels who aren’t terribly angelic, lousy real estate, black market home furnishings, talk of djinn and other magikal creatures, meddling priests, a very effable ineffable plan, bathing with someone other than your partner, unexpected nocturnal guardhouse activities, blood, angel-on-angel crimes, uncomfortable encounters with an ex, deities with their own agendas, mayhem, a blatant disregard for authority, a new way of looking at women’s orgasms, female empowerment, a sledgehammer approach to traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs, sibling rivalry, pouting, mistaken identity, immortal peril, and shagging.

If any of this offends you, you should turn back.


AC Adams




If anything in the warning bothers you?

Stop here.








New York City, today

Faith tossed the tablet onto the table, where it teetered precariously on a stack of unread magazines. “Holy fuck, Kal. That’s what you sent in?”

I grimaced. “It’s the truth, isn’t it?”

She flopped back into her chair with an exaggerated whoomp!

“I guess it is,” she admitted. “But it makes me look completely clueless!”

I didn’t answer her, just sat. The silence extended, though I knew it was killing her. Finally, she surrendered.

“I guess I kinda was, wasn’t I?”

I relented and came to sit on her lap. Her arms wrapped around me as they always did, and mine encircled her. We enjoyed the contact for a moment before I spoke.

“Faith, my love, you were so naïve I could have told you brown cows gave chocolate milk and you would have believed me.”

She giggled. “They don’t?”

“None I’ve ever found, though I haven’t tested them all.”

Faith kissed my forehead. “What are we waiting for?”

I tightened my grip around her waist. “Because, love, we have more to write.”

Now she frowned, and I felt her disappointment through our bond, followed by her realization of what I’d said.

“Oh, no. No way, Kalili! You said you’d write this stupid report, not me. You’re not breaking your word, are you?”

I winced, but held my ground. “No, but think. What happened next?”

“Well… It was a thousand years ago!”

“For me too, hun. But that’s not my point. We were separated, remember?”

I had forgotten what it was like for us. Suppressed it, really. I was reminded now. Her memories, at least her emotions, rushed into me, echoing with mine, and we reeled. Terror, worry, anger, despair, drowning us in our thoughts and bringing us to the edge of panic.

“Faith, it’s over!” I gasped, gripping her tighter and pushing back at the memories. “We’re safe, we’re together. Come on, baby, come back to me,” I pleaded. Faith struggled in my arms and nearly broke free before she heard me, either my voice or my mind, and calmed.

“That’s it,” I cooed. “Come back, Faith. I’ve got you.”

“Kalili, oh, gods Below, what…?”

“We remembered,” I said with a shudder. “I don’t know. You must have blocked it away. I know I did.”

“I thought I was over it,” she said into my shoulder.

I agreed.

“So why am I such a wreck?”

I was stuck. I wouldn’t—couldn’t—lie to Faith. Not with our bond. I could see what had happened to her, now that the memories had unlocked. More, she could sense that I knew the facts. But telling her would have no benefit. She needed to dig into it herself.

“Let’s talk,” I said. “We have more records to complete. If we figure out what’s going on in that blonde head of yours, all the better.”

That brought a weak smile to her face. “Soulless ginger.”

“Damn right.” I started to rise, but she wouldn’t allow it. She was still on my lap, after all.

“Later. Now, I need to hold you. Be held.” Faith pulled herself closer to me, as close as our bodies would permit, and we sat.

Arima bikia,” I whispered, and we merged. This time, we held it, an eternity of blissful union.

The report could wait.


About the Author

AC Adams is a professor of English at her alma mater in Boston when she's not writting sapphic fantasy fiction. She's stunned by the reception her books have received but completely thrilled at the same time. AC is a Red Sox fan and lives with her wife and their cat, Pixel.